Home Accessories

Do you ever catch yourself glancing around your home, and lamenting how boring everything looks? Your house is your home, and no one wants to spend their time in a boring living room with nothing going on. Luckily for you, at Outer Layer we have a range of home accessories to spice up your space!

Home Accessories
46 results
Plant Pot Mini Royals
Mini Plant Pot Yoga Cats
Plant Pot Mini Gnomes
Spooktacular Shaped Dishes Set of 3
Lunar Light Show Moon Lamp
Howligans Live Feed Bird Feeder
Fancy Plants Dumpster Air Plant Holder
Fancy Plants Campfire Air Plant Holder
Fancy Plants Volcano Air Plant Holder
Strawberry Fields Catchall Tray
Sofa Pocket
Sofa Pocket
Felt Ibed Storage
Cube Bedside Table
White Board Calendar Large
Little Cabin Incense Burner
Industrial Plant Mister
Dogs On Fence Small Planter
Solstice Mini Mango Wood Bowl
Superbloom Mini Mango Wood Bowl
Flight Of Fancy Mini Mango Wood Bowl
Infinity Mirror Dome LED Light
Daisy The Dachshund Planter
Suki The Seal Pup Planter
Frida Mini Mango Wood Bowl
Meow Meow Keepsake Box
Votive Frame Large
Peg A Message Small
Prickles The Hedgehog Planter
Cactus LED Light Large
Extra Long Silver String Light
Mini Iridescent Party Ornaments Small
Detail of Cinema Lightbox Mini Extra Symbols Pack.
Cactus Shaped Dish
Lupe Llama Shaped Dish
Small World Tray
Small World Trinket Tray
Frenchie Tray
Frenchie Tray
Llamarama Tray
Bottle Top String Lights.
Brass Plant Mister
Night Light Moon
Bedside Caddy Felt
Silver Wire Lights
iBed Lap Desk Wood Packaging
Copper Light String
Skull Tidy - Human

Decorative Items for your home

Is your home not feeling the love, maybe looking a little drab and lifeless? Try adding some life and joy back into your space with our impressive collection of decorative items for your living room. From colourful and decorative bowls and plates, to wacky planters and keepsake boxes, our decorative items for your are sure to make your space pop!

Fun home accessory ornaments

It’s about time you gave your home a little extra love, with any of the items in our range of home accessories. Choose from cool centrepieces such our light up message boards and our gnarly decorative skulls. Our extensive range of living room ornaments will effortlessly make your space that little bit more interesting.

Light up your space with light-up accessories

When we say you should lighten up your home, we mean that quite literally. Within our massive range of living room decor and living room accessories, you can find the coolest, most iridescent ornaments, from light-up wires and cables, to starry night sky, LED light projectors. Brighten up your space with some of the many light-up living room accessories within our range today!

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