L'Epi de Provence

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Cedar Sandalwood 200g Soap
Pineapple Coconut 200g Soap
Lavender Flower Soap 150g Round
Verbena Flower No.03 Liquid Soap 500ml
Pink Grapefruit No.19 Liquid Soap 500ml
White Musk No.89 Liquid Soap 500ml
Pink Grapefruit No.19 Bar Soap 200g
Vanilla Oatmilk 200g Soap
Lavender Flower No.52 Bar Soap 200g
White Musk No.89 Bar Soap 200g
Verbena Flower No.03 Bar Soap 200g
Lavender Flower No.52 Liquid Soap 500ml
Sea Mist 200g Soap
Peach & Apricot 200g Soap
Verbena Flower No.03 Hand Creme 75ml
Jasmine & Honeysuckle 150g Round Soap
Packaging of Linden Blossom 200g Soap.
Pink Grapefruit No.19 Hand Creme 75ml
White Musk No.89 Hand Creme 75ml
Milk 200g Soap
Jasmine & Honeysuckle 200g Soap
Verbena 200g Soap
Milk Soap 150g Round

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