Pandemic Collection

Our best selection of qurantine-related goodies to help keep you sane & safe while you go about your daily lives. From cotton face masks with pretty patterns to hand sanitizer with hilarious names, who said we can't bring some of the Outer Layer personality to the situation at hand?
Pandemic Collection
96 results
Tomorrow Could Be Worse Card
Sad Again Card
Lockdown Bingo Card
Cacti & Succulents 1000 Piece Puzzle
2020 Dragon Card
Santa Knows Mask Card
Vintage Butterflies 500 Piece Puzzle
Essential AF Elf Card
Arboretum 1000 Piece Puzzle
Santatize This Christmas Card
Virus Free Christmas Card
Lilypads 1000 Piece Puzzle.
Marshmallows 500 Piece Puzzle.
Queen Wearing Face Mask Holiday Card
Women's Healthcare Heros Socks Black
Men's Healthcare Heros Socks Black
Shark Attack Face Mask
2020 Rating Ornament
Sending You Love Card
Thankful For You Health Care Card
I Appreciate You Groceries Card
Let's Hang Out Soon CArd
Sad To Miss Your Wedding Card
Together For The Holidays Card
See Your Fucking Face Card
Toy Explosion Puzzle
Nomad Hand Cleanser Scent Free - 1L
Glow Chamber Puzzle
Nomad Hand Cleanser Lemongrass - 240 mL
Nomad Hand Cleanser Lavender - 240 mL
Nomad Hand Cleanser Scent Free - 240 mL
Nomad Hand Cleanser Scent Free - 60 mL
Larry David Nothing Good Happens Card
Regret Card
Regret Card
Pandemic Card
Stages of Quarantine Card
This Year Is The Worst Cat Card
See You Soon Animals In Masks Card
Put On Some Pants Card
Can't Wait To Hang Out Card
Toilet Paper Card
Social Distancing Champion Card
Quarantine Confusion Card
Thank You Face Mask Card
Dear Extrovert Card
Quarantine & Chill Card
Prince 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Six Feet or GTFO Quarantine Covid Sticker
96 results

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