Random Funny Gifts

Random funny gifts can really brighten someone’s day. Give the gift of a gag and get a laugh in return. We’ve got all sorts of silly, funny and sometimes rude gifts for you to choose from. *WARNING* Novelty gifts can cause offence for those lacking a sense of humour, always tickle recipient first to check compatibility *LECTURE OVER*
Random Funny Gifts
27 results
Sound Machine - Fart Fanfare
Emergency Moustache
Cat Bonnet
Cat Bonnet
Handipug Finger Puppets
Meowlin Air Freshener
Pizza Night Light
Jesus Bandages
Cone Kitty Air Freshener
Squirrel Feeder Unicorn
Emergency Beard Guards
Squirrel Underpants Air Freshener
Dashboard Jesus
Hand Unicorn Finger Puppets
Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn for Cats
Switchblade Spork
Switchblade Mustache Comb
Pickle Bandages
Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats
Inflatable Unicorn Horn
Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
Freeloader Fork
Emergency Underpants
Emergency Horse Button
Bigfoot Air Freshener
Squirrel Head Squirrel Feeder
Bacon Strips Bandages
Bacon Lip Balm
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