Berry Rich Probiotic Cream 50ml


As the name suggests, this antioxidant moisturizer is rich in texture and loaded with the goodness of Canadian-grown berry seed oils.

This non-irritating and essential oil free cream is like a genie in a bottle for hungry dry skin. Chock full of vitamins A & E, omega fatty acids 3 & 6 and super powered ellagic acid (a natural phenol antioxidant), Berry Rich is a beautiful choice for a variety of skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Its rich and gentle formula also makes it a great antioxidant eye cream! Or use it as a night cream, you'll love how it feels on your face after you complete your nightly bed time routine.

It is formulated with probiotic extract and natural strawberry water essence (not oil) that gives you extra benefits and a beautiful light aroma. Probiotic extract works on the skin’s lipids by dismantling them, which allow the dead cells to release from the skin's outer surface, thus increasing the turnover rate of cells and lowers the outer skin’s thickness. This results in facial skin that is more efficient at absorbing moisture which is often challenging for those with dry skin, especially in cold, dry weather.

New research shows that topical probiotics also assist in the treatment of atopic eczema and many hyper-proliferative skin conditions! And lastly natural strawberry water, besides the fact it smells incredible it's a plentiful source of vitamin C and folic acid and anti-oxidant rich ellagic acid.

Made in Canada.

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