Friends Playing Cards


You can just hear Chandler ask, 'Could this deck be any kitschier?' These unofficial playing cards, illustrated by Chantel de Sousa, pay homage to the iconic and beloved ’90s sitcom, Friends.

This is a deck of fifty-four standard-sized cards, with four classic suits and printed on poker-quality material. The twist? The fun design is a celebration of the six iconic characters of Friends, everyone’s favorite sitcom!

In these Friends Playing Cards, the sextuplet is (more or less) coupled off and assigned to the four suits. Ross and Rachel are (on-and-off-again) hearts. Monica and Chandler are diamonds, because Monica asked to be diamonds and who’s going to argue with her? Then the ever-quirky Phoebe takes spades, leaving the lovable Joey as clubs. Who else could be the Joker but—'Oh, my, GOD!'—the inimitable Janice?

  • 2.84 x 3.85 x 0.96 inches