It's rarely mentioned, but Jesus had a great sense of humor.

One reason the sermon on the mount went over so well is that he opened with a few real zingers.

At the Last Supper, his impression of Pontius Pilate as a donkey made wine come out Bartholomew's nose.

So we'd like to think Jesus would get a kick out of this What Would Jesus Wear Magnetic Dress Up Kit.

It features a large magnet in the likeness of Jesus and a large assortment of magnetic clothing and accessories.

You can dress up Jesus in anything from traditional garb (white robe, cross) to surfer dude (tie-dyed shirt and surfer shorts).

There are also loads of props such as loaves, fishes, chalices, hats, and tools from his carpenter years.

Yep, we're sure Jesus has a sense of humor.

If not, we're in a LOT of trouble.

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