Mix Tape Cassette Pool Float


The iconic mixtape finds itself back in the summer spotlight, except this one is over 5 feet / 1.5m long! BigMouth put all of the charm and nostalgia of the classic cassette tape into your warm weather vacation with this Mixtape Pool Float.

Even better, it doesn’t require any rewinding to get to the best spot in the pool. Queue up your favorite playlist and lean further back than a throwback Thursday—it’s the perfect size for a midday nap or hours of swiping through your social media feed.

  • 5 foot / 1.5m long Cassette Tape Pool Float
  • Great for the pool, beach, lake, or lazy river
  • See-through frosted panels—just like the real thing
  • Comfortable, ultra-durable SmoothTouch™ vinyl construction
  • BIG Easy Valve™ technology for fast, frustration-free fill-ups and deflation
  • Compact deflated size for off-season storage