Tea Tree + Hyaluronic Acid Hand Wash 500ml

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This all-natural, eco-friendly Hand Wash is designed to provide powerful yet soothing hand cleansing that leaves your skin soft, clean, and lavishly pampered.

The unique formulation features no synthetic or toxic ingredients, and instead harnesses the sole power of skin-loving humectants and nourishing botanicals to deliver effective results without compromising on hand care.

The star botanicals include 100% pure Tea Tree and Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oils, which work in synergy to fortify the skin and enhance the product's cleansing power. The unique addition of Hyaluronic Acid delivers instant hydration to avoid over-stripping the skin's natural oil balance while protecting its vital moisture barrier, making this Hand Wash mild enough to use even on sensitive, dry, or mature skin textures.

  • 500mL pump bottle
  • Made in Canada
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