Bathroom Accessories

Whether an idea workshop, place of relief, or a wet sanctuary; the bathroom is a magical place that holds all the tools for a refreshed state of mind. Trim the negative fluff, cut off the haters and wash away the stresses of the day with our bathroom accessories and toiletries collection that doesn't just make you smell good, but feel good too.

Bathroom Accessories
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Frog Toothbrush Holder
Whale Exfoliator
Whale Shape Soap Lift - Royal Blue
The Original Soap Lift - Lavender
The Original Soap Lift - Sage
The Original Soap Lift - Seaside Blue
The Original Soap Lift - Gray
The Original Soap Lift - Bone
Waterfall Soap Dish With Soap Lift - White
Waterfall Soap Dish With Soap Lift - Sage
Waterfall Soap Dish With Soap Lift - Bone
Round A Bout Soap Lift - Sage
Round A Bout Soap Lift - White
Duck Shape Soap Lift - Yellow
Titanic Lavatory Mist
Soap Saver Clear
Soap Saver Small Oval Clear Set of 2
SoapSaver Dish Oval
SoapSaver Dish Rectangular
Next Stop Poop Town Lavatory Mist
That's A Spicy Meatball Lavatory Mist
On-The-Go Bamboo Toothbrush
Hello Lovely Toothbrush
Invented Smiling Toothbrush.
Good Morning Toothbrush.
Getting Out Of Bed Toothbrush.
Tastes Like Coffee Toothbrush.
I Pet Dog Toothbrush
Rabbit Toothbrush Holder
Nudie Bamboo Toothbrush Set
Sloth Toothbrush Holder
Cat Roller
Cat Roller
Buffalo Plaid Microfiber Cloth
Damn Dude Lavatory Mist
Toothbrush Holder Bear
Head Massager
Night Light Moon
Hedgehog Dryer Balls Set of 2
Cactus Dryer Balls
Peapod Pill Case
Wooden Whale Nail Brush
Toothbrush Holder Hedgehog

Toilet sprays: toilet time without a trace

Never fear, we’ve got you covered from the manliest toilet sprays with scents of whiskey and bonfires, to the more delicate scents of lavender and ocean breeze. These magical toilet sprays come in funny, travel-sized bottles so you can “Let ‘er rip” anywhere you choose! 

Hygiene and grooming toiletries from head to toe

Cleaning up doesn’t just stop at soap, though we do get a little crazy with our Bob Ross soap. Treat yourself to our collection of toiletries, including soaps, toothbrush accessories, funny nail clippers and beard grooming kits for a deep clean in the bathroom or the full package experience on the go. We have toiletries and bathroom accessories for literally anything you might need in our range!

Where’s that Smile? Our range of funny toothbrushes

If brushing your teeth has started to feel a little bit stale and boring, then why not freshen that two minutes of your day up with one of our many, funny toothbrush designs? We have dozens of funny toothbrush designs in our toiletries and bathroom accessories range that’ll make you start the day with a smile!

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