Men's Socks

Paul Bunyan, chilidogs, dinosaurs? Men have some strange taste and are notoriously hard to buy for. Luckily, you can print just about anything on socks. Here’s our favourite that we’ve found, perfect as a present for him.
96 results
Curling Rock Socks
Canadian Coins Socks
Maple Syrup Spill Socks
Not Sorry Socks
All Dressed Chips Socks
Poutine Socks
Poutine Socks
Hockey Night In Canada Skate Socks
Cheezies Socks
Retro Hockey Players Socks
Caesar Drink Socks
Men's Trees Please Socks Navy
Brew Master Men's Crew Socks
Beaks On Red Men's Crew Socks
Call Me Old Fashioned Men's Crew Socks
Man's Best Food Men's Crew Socks
Raise The Woof Men's Crew Socks
Secret Powers Men's Crew Socks
Sleighin' It Men's Crew Socks
Merry Crustmas Men's Crew Socks
Control Alt Delete Men's Crew Socks
Men's Happy Pawlidays Socks Green
Men's Beary Christmas Socks Charcoal Heather
Men's Significant Otter Socks Blue
Men's Beetle Mania Socks Red Heather
Men's Styling Santa Socks Green
Men's Screaming Goats Socks Green
Men's Trout Socks Parrot Green
Men's Healthcare Heros Socks Black
Men's Funky Skunky Socks Brown Heather
Men's Raising A Herd Socks Black
Classic Rock Men's Socks
Cool-ass Grandpa Men's Socks
Pro Wrestling Men's Socks
Fuck I Love My Fam Men's Socks
Pancreas Socks
Brain Socks
Brain Socks
Men's Grey Heather Cryptid Socks
Yosemite Cabin Socks Charcoal Large
Glacier National Park Men's Crew Socks
Stormy Seas Men's Crew Socks
Lucky Pair Men's Crew Socks
Happy You Exist Men's Crew Socks
Get Crackin' Men's Crew Socks
Men's Bigfoot Socks Moss
No Wifi Outlands Socks Hemp Large
Men's Charcoal Heather Sacred Skulls Socks
Men's Maple Leaf Outlands Socks Green
Men's Pigskin Socks Green Heather
96 results


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