Who said mugs had to be boring? Over the years, we have accumulated a great range of funny mugs and coffee mugs that have proven to be extremely popular. Want to make your colleagues or family laugh every time you take a sip from your coffee mug? Here are some funny mugs for you.

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Coffee mugs are more than just hot drink holders

Having your morning coffee, your 2nd, 3rd or maybe even your 4th can be a bit of a ritual for some people. With so many debates about the best way to prepare the good stuff, which beans are the best or what milk to add, why aren't more people focusing on what really matters? The question of which coffee mug should I choose to chug down my coffee from? Don't do yourself an injustice, grab a coffee mug that matches your favourite bean and become a true connoisseur.

Funny Mugs & Coffee Mugs for all

If you hadn’t already noticed, our store is themed around the weird and wacky. Sure, that china white coffee mug is pretty, but it's no raccoon- and this philosophy carries over to our brilliant range of funny mugs. For funny coffee mugs, we've hand-selected the ones that make us laugh, cause us offence or are just plain weird - all for your pleasure.


Coffee Mug Designs & Styles

Is there really any point in drinking the good stuff out of a boring, plain old coffee mug with nothing going on? At Outer Layer, we outright refuse to sell any coffee mugs that won’t at least bring a smile to your face. From coffee mug designs with your favourite celebs, to cute mugs featuring cuddly animals and critters, we’ll make sure you never have to settle for a boring coffee mug ever again.