Candles & Home Fragrance

If you're looking for beautiful smelling candles & home fragrances, prepare yourselves for these waxy treats. Our range of candles and home fragrances include soy, votive, wood wick, natural and many more. And almost all of our candles come in containers you can repurpose after the joy of burning them is over.

139 results
Pine After Pine Candle
Red Heart Candle
Stop And Smell The Lavender Candle
Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Candle
Birthday Cake Candle
Me Time Candle
Good To The Last Drop Candle
Bugger Off Citronella Candle
A Candle for Teachers
Fuck This Candle
OK Moms Candle
Besties Candle
Champs de France Candle
Amalfi del Mar Candle
Jardin de Paris Candle
David and Patrick Soy Candle
Johnny Soy Candle
Moira Soy Candle
David Soy Candle
Books are Magic Soy Candle
Butter Brew Soy Candle
Potions Master Soy Candle
Espresso Patronum Soy Candle
Call Your Folks Soy Candle
Have a Novel Birthday Soy Candle
The Secret Garden Soy Candle
Stay Gold Soy Candle
The Tonic of Wildness Soy Candle
Goodnight Moon Soy Candle
A Gift from the Sea Soy Candle
The Road Less Traveled Soy Candle
Offline Soy Candle
Motivation Aromatherapy Candle
Happiness Aromatherapy Candle
Creativity Aromatherapy Candle
Confidence Aromatherapy Candle
Prosperity Aromatherapy Candle
Hope Aromatherapy Candle
Love Aromatherapy Candle
Chasing Rainbows Signature Collection Candle
In Memory Of: My Dead Plants Candle
Let It Burn: My Shitty Job Candle
What The Actual Fuck Candle
Fuck Yeah Candle
I Fucking Love You Candle
Fuck That Candle
Cannabis Leaf Air Freshener
Everything Is Okay Air Freshener
139 results

Unique candles & fragrances

We source our unique candles from all over the place, only choosing to stock the best of the best. We've smelled thousands of combinations of fragrances, seen candle holder designs so trendy you could practically wear them. When it comes to finding a unique candle, let Outer Layer give you a hand.

Candle accessories

Having a unique candle alone just won't cut it. It's all about those accessories. Take a look at our candle suffers, matches and wick trimmers if you want to make your candle experience just that bit more elegant (they're also pretty useful).

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