Candles & Home Fragrance

If you're looking for beautiful smelling candles & home fragrances, prepare yourselves for these waxy treats. Our range of candles and home fragrances include soy, votive, wood wick, natural and many more. And almost all of our candles come in containers you can repurpose after the joy of burning them is over.

130 results
Smores Candle
Beach House Candle
Epiphany Signature Collection Candle
Dream On Signature Collection Candle
Moondance Signature Collection Candle
Focus Aromatherapy Candle
Energy Aromatherapy Candle
The Star 8oz Candle
The Sun 8oz Candle
The Moon 8oz Candle
The Hermit 8oz Candle
Rebel Rebel 8oz Candle
Free Fallin 8oz Candle
More Than A Feeling 8oz Candle
Take It Easy 8oz Candle
Edge of Seventeen 8oz Candle
Sweet Emotion 8oz Candle
Tiny Dancer 8oz Candle
Thunderstruck 8oz Candle
Cherry Bomb 8oz Candle
Cottage Candle
Strawberry Shortcake Candle
Rainy Day Candle
Mimosa Candle
Mimosa Candle
Souks of Marrakech Candle Box
A Candle For Neat Freaks
A Candle For Personal Space
A Candle For Quarantine Nostalgia
Princess Diana Celebrity Prayer Candle
Queen Elizabeth Celebrity Prayer Candle
Schitt Its Christmas Soy Candle
Home For The Holidays Soy Candle
Sundays Candle
Silk Candle
Silk Candle
Milk and Sugar Candle
Cereal Candle
Cereal Candle
Maple Syrup Travel Tin Candle
Maple Syrup Travel Tin Candle Wood Wick
Tracee Ellis Ross Celebrity Prayer Candle
Ali Wong Celebrity Prayer Candle
Ted Lasso Celebrity Prayer Candle
Ryan Reynolds Celebrity Prayer Candle
Lil Nas X Celebrity Prayer Candle
Bette Midler Celebrity Prayer Candle
Friends - Phoebe Celebrity Prayer Candle
Friends - Monica Celebrity Prayer Candle
Friends - Rachel Celebrity Prayer Candle
Friends - Joey Celebrity Prayer Candle
130 results

Unique candles & fragrances

We source our unique candles from all over the place, only choosing to stock the best of the best. We've smelled thousands of combinations of fragrances, seen candle holder designs so trendy you could practically wear them. When it comes to finding a unique candle, let Outer Layer give you a hand.

Candle accessories

Having a unique candle alone just won't cut it. It's all about those accessories. Take a look at our candle suffers, matches and wick trimmers if you want to make your candle experience just that bit more elegant (they're also pretty useful).

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