Handwritten Greeting Card Service

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Every greeting card on our website has the option to add a handwritten personalized message, written by yours truly. We charge $2 for this service, and here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find your perfect greeting card and select the ‘Yes’ option that appears under ‘Would you like a handwritten message in this card?’
  2. Enter your information in the boxes that appear. You will see a box for the recipient's address, but you do not need to fill this out unless it is a different address from the shipping address you will enter upon check out.
  3. Add the card to your basket, and proceed to checkout when you’re ready. We’ll receive all of the information we need, so don’t worry if you can’t see your message once you enter the checkout process.
  4. You can add multiple cards and handwritten messages for different people to one order if you are sending them by untracked lettermail. If you need tracked delivery, we’re sorry, but you’ll need to place a separate order for each card.
  5. You can include a handwritten card as part of any other order, so if you’re sending a gift, this service is the perfect way to send a personalized card too! Just make sure the shipping address on your order is the address you want the whole order sent to. If you enter one address for the card and a different address as the shipping address upon checkout, we will split your order up and send it out accordingly.
  6. Pro tip for our international customers: if you are having us fill out multiple cards to different people in one order, put the recipient's address for each one in the appropriate field and check out with 'pick up' (we do not ship outside Canada and the USA, so your own address as a shipping address will not work).
  7. If you change your mind about which card you'd like, be sure to remove both the old card and the handwritten message service from your cart. Then you can start again with a new card – you will need to enter your message again as well.
  8. If you need a reminder of the message you included or you need to copy and paste it for another occasion (we won’t judge), then you can do so by clicking ‘View My Order’ from your order confirmation email at any time.
  9. The return address on the envelope will be us, and we write 'From: your name' on the back of the envelope. This is to make sure it's not mistaken for junk mail.
  10. For our European customers who are used to quick mail delivery, Canada Post is serving a very large country, so please keep that in mind. Lettermail can take 2-3 business days locally and 4-6 business days nationally in normal times, and the pandemic or heavy volume around major holidays can cause further delays.
  11. We do write cards for countries outside Canada and the USA, but we will charge you for international postage. Please contact us for more info.

Your card will be handwritten by a member of our team with great care. We should warn you, they will occasionally draw balloons on birthday messages, or add hearts if the message is especially lovey.

If you have any questions about this service, email us and we’ll do our best to help: hello@outerlayer.com

Please note: the handwritten greeting card service isn’t available on boxed cards.