Funny Birthday Cards

If you’re buying a birthday card for someone with the sole goal of making them laugh, you’ve come to the right place. Our cards are all handpicked, and only the most unique and hilarious make the cut for this collection. It’s just up to you to think of a funny message to include inside.

Funny Birthday Cards
35 results
Happy Pho King Birthday Card
Birthday Forecast Wine Card
Emotional Support Human Birthday Card
Cheesiest Card I Could Find Birthday Card
Avo Great Birthday Card
Floppy Disk Retro Birthday Card
Drunk Eating Pizza Tonight Card
Have a Smashing Birthday Card
Born To Be Wild Until 9pm Card
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Weird With It Danny Devito Birthday Card
Birthday Forecast Beer Card
Birthday Cat Says Card
Alzheimers Birthday Card
American Gothic Birthday Card
Excuse To Get Wasted Banner Birthday Card
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Today Is All About You Card
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Have A Great Birthday Poo Card
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Large Print Edition Birthday Card
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Birthdays More Than Most Card
Getting Old Game Birthday Card
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Birthday Forecast Card
Sold Out
Turning Down The Stereo To See Card
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Forget The PastFuturePresent Birthday Card
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Condolences On Your Birthday
Blame My Zodiac Card
Happy Bidet Birthday Card
You're Aging Well Birthday Card
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It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Card
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Busy being Awesome Belated Birthday Card
Birthday Bum Sex Card
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Amazing As I Am Birthday Card
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Hard Candies In Pocket Birthday Card
Yoga Schmoga Birthday Card
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Don't Overthink Birthday Card
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Dont Fear Your Birthday Card
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Are funny and rude the same thing?

There’s a fine line between rude and funny birthday cards, so it’s essential that you think about who you’re buying for before you choose your card so you don’t overstep the mark. We’ve made sure we have a good selection of all spectrums of funny, so get browsing and find the right card for them. Check out our rude birthday card range if you’re feeling extra spicy!

Show them you’re hilarious with a birthday card

Birthday cards should be personal in nature, and the very act of you sending one shows that you’re thinking of someone on their special day. So what better opportunity do you have to reinforce just how outright hilarious you are? Find them a funny birthday card and add the finishing touches of a well-crafted note.

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