Step into a world where a Jellycat, Squishables, and I Heart Guts plushies are just the beginning! Here, every single Jellycat whispers a tale of comfort, while Squishables await with open arms for group cuddles. Amidst these, find a multitude of huggable surprises that promise endless moments of joy and softness.

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Snuggle Story

In the land of snuggles, Squishable is king, and Jellycat is the queen of comfort. I Heart Guts brings the cuddle curriculum, making every plushie in our collection an epic of embrace!

Squish Quest

Embark on a Squishable adventure with a Jellycat sidekick and a heart full of I Heart Guts! Our plushies aren't just soft—they're legendary companions in the epic tale of relaxation and affection.