Will you gift wrap my purchases?

Yes! People often order gifts for us to send on their behalf. Let us know in your order notes which item(s) you would like gift wrapped and we promise to make them look pretty. Notes can be added to your order at the 'view cart' step, right before you check out. You can also order a greeting card with a handwritten message to send with a gift.


Will you send a card on my behalf?

Running late for someone’s birthday? Want to send a card to someone in North America and live elsewhere in the world? We can help! Just select the handwritten card option when viewing a greeting card and we'll write a message on your behalf. The cost of this service is $2 and you have up to 900 characters, so make them count! It's possible to order more than one card with a message at once, but only if they are being sent via lettermail. If you want them sent with tracking they each need to be on a separate order. Full details about this service can be found here.


Why haven’t I heard from you about my order?

This sometimes happens when our emails go into your spam or junk folder, or if you accidentally entered the wrong email address. If you do not receive an order confirmation within a few minutes of placing your order, something is amiss. For all orders that are not greeting cards only, you will also receive a shipment notification with a tracking number when we ship your order. For US customers this can be tracked on both canadapost.ca and usps.com. For greeting card orders, you will receive a shipment notification but not a tracking number, because those orders are sent for free through the regular mail. They may take longer than tracked packages (especially during pandemics). Greeting card orders large enough to meet the threshold for free shipping for their region will be sent with tracking.


Where the h**% is my package?

If you haven’t received your package by the time you expect it, make sure you check the tracking number before you contact us. Order times are approximate and Canada Post is sometimes subject to delays (especially during pandemics). Of all the thousands of orders we’ve shipped, a few have actually gone missing, but that is extremely rare. Orders often show up slightly after they show as 'delivered' on the tracking, so please wait 24 hours before contacting us.


Why is shipping so f**#ing expensive?

We’re sorry, but Canada is a big country and shipping is expensive. The actual shipping cost of your order is always more than you are paying. A certain big company (which shall go unnamed except it starts with A) has made most people think shipping is really cheap, if not free, but it's not. Canada Post is by far the most economical option for small businesses and that's why we use them. Canadians love to complain about Canada Post, but it's actually a pretty darn great service. They deliver to every nook and cranny of this great big country and of the many thousands of orders we have shipped, only a few have ever gone missing. We've tried many different systems for pricing our shipping over the years, and whatever we are doing right now seems like the best option. But we are always working on it and we value your feedback.


Do you ship overseas?

Sorry, but at the moment we ship only to Canada and the contiguous United States. If you are interested in having something shipped to another country, email us and we may be able to work something out. Lighter items are usually fairly reasonable to ship, but things like mugs and candles can get quite expensive.


Will you carry my amazing product in your store?

Feel free to reach out to us, but be warned that due to the volume of requests you may not hear back from us. We feel like we should send polite letters to everyone, but that actually takes up a lot of time because one has to think of something meaningful to say. So we just ignore most of it and feel vaguely guilty all the time. Rest assured we do see your emails. Try us a couple of times, but trust us, if you do have something we are interested in we will pounce on it. We are always on the hunt for new stuff!

You may also want to check out our shipping page!