Fun stuff - interesting gift ideas designed for jokes and smiles

These funny presents may just seem like a gag or an easy way to pull off a prank - but weird gifts can be sentimental too. Okay, who are we kidding? They’re designed to be funny and provoke laughs. Whether that’s in the office, at the Christmas party or valentine's day - they’re just a bit of fun.

294 results
Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Mints
Cthulhu Finger Puppet
Star Trek Dilithium Crystal Mints
Bob Ross Finger Puppet
Secret Ingredient Gum
People Reproducing Gum
Ask Your Doctor Gum
Ha Ha Ha Whoops I Peed Gum
What Are You, Like 100? Gum
I Used To Sneak Out Of My House To Go To Parties Magnet
I Just Want To Be As Tired At Bedtime As I Am All Day At Work Magnet
Which Essential Oil Is Best For Getting People To Stop Talking To You? Magnet
Everyone Hates Millennials Until It's Time To Convert A PDF Into A Word Document Magnet
It's Like My Mom Always Said Magnet
Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Button
People Who Talk About Me In Therapy Magnet
Achieve Your Dreams Magnet
Shut Up. It's My Cheat Day Magnet
Whenever You Feel Lonely Magnet
Let That Shit Go Ice Cream Magnet
Abide (The Dude) Magnet
You're Home Early Magnet
I Didn't Choose The Thug Life Magnet
I Just Want To Be As Tired At Bedtime As I Am All Day At Work Round Magnet
I Got My Reasons Magnet
So Many Books, So Little Time Round Magnet
Grim Reaper Magnetic Personality
Cat Monk Air Freshener
Pickle Air Freshener
Mac n Cheese Candy
Fried Chicken Candy
Handages Bandages
Hand & Foot Finger Puppets Set - Light
Lobster Candy
Emoji Poop Magnets
Foragers Playing Cards
Tabletop Bowling
Chess Set
Dog Bone Domino Set
Memoroni Pizza Memory Game
Bowling Alley Cats
Goat Yoga Stacking Game
Remaining Fucks Magnet
Patriarchy Magnet
Cat Lady Magnet
Dream Big Magnet
Finger Puppet - HandiMonster
Locking Pin Keepers Set of 12 with Allen Key
294 results


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