Fun stuff - interesting gift ideas designed for jokes and smiles

These funny presents may just seem like a gag or an easy way to pull off a prank -  but weird gifts can be sentimental too. Okay, who are we kidding? They’re designed to be funny and provoke laughs. Whether that’s in the office, at the Christmas party or valentine's day - they’re just a bit of fun.
366 results
Ramen Sticky Notes
Baby Lifting Dumbell
I Want To Wake Up Tomorrow To Zero News Round Magnet
Cat Lady For Life Round Magnet
Miss Me Yet Obama Round Magnet
Michelle 2020 Round Magnet
Pussy Power Round Magnet
You're Fucking Awesome! Round Magnet
Going Back To Bed Round Magnet
Let's Just Get Through This Round Magnet
Being Cool Round Magnet
Let That Shit Go Round Magnet
Eat More Hole Foods Round Magnet
I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Round Magnet
Every Now And Then I Fall Apart Round Magnet
Fresh As A Fucking Daisy Button
The Way I Look At Chocolate Cake Magnet
Cat Lady For Life Button
Camping Without Beer Magnet
I Want To Wake Up Tomorrow To Zero News Magnet
Rupaul Quotation Magnet
Anyone Can Be Awesome Magnet
You're Fucking Awesome! Magnet
Diddly Squats Magnet
Stop Trying To Help. I Just Want To Complain Button
I'm A Delicate Flower With A Side Of Fuck You Button
Small Pizza Magnet
Dear Vegetarians Magnet
Stay Golden Magnet
I'm Terribly Conflicted Magnet
My Spirit Animal (Sloth) Magnet
A Woman's Place Magnet
I Am Silently Correcting Your Grammar Button
Fuck Off I'm Reading Magnet
Follow Your Dream Magnet
Sometimes I Feel Useless Magnet
A Dog Will Never Say Magnet
Another Successful Day Of Ignoring All My Problems Button
I Can't Remember What I Was Mad About Before Trump Button
I Want To Wake Up Tomorrow To Zero News Button
Dead On The Inside Magnet
I Don't Need To Write That Down Magnet
Goddamn Magical Unicorn Magnet
My Favorite Part Magnet
Never Trust An Atom Magnet
Shits & Giggles Magnet
Yeah, I'm Into Fitness Magnet
In A Rush To Get Home Magnet
366 results
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