Fun stuff - interesting gift ideas designed for jokes and smiles

These funny presents may just seem like a gag or an easy way to pull off a prank - but weird gifts can be sentimental too. Okay, who are we kidding? They’re designed to be funny and provoke laughs. Whether that’s in the office, at the Christmas party or valentine's day - they’re just a bit of fun.

389 results
Happy Cactus Silicone Teether Set of 2
Happy Organ Stickers 10 Pack
Gold Tooth Plush.
Penis Plush
Penis Plush
High On Life Enamel Pin
Live Fast Enamel Pin
Shine On Dolphin Enamel Pin
Vintage Beer Can Iron On Patch
Far Out Enamel Pin
Butterfly Iron On Patch
Take It Easy Patch
Desktop Golf Game
Desktop Football Game
Retro Arcade Game
DIY Tambourine
3D Bird Playing Cards
WTF? Desk Bell
Better Lives Desk Sign
Scribbled Eggs Erasers
F Word Desk Sign
Reconsider Lanyard
I Was The Boss Desk Sign
Never Trust Dog Tag
Boss Lady Badge Reel
The Scrub Life Badge Reel
Pushed Everything Off Desk Sign
#Girlboss Desk Sign
My Job Is Secure Desk Sign
Faked A Sarcasm Desk Sign
Running Late Lanyard
Chill Baby Lemonade Teether
Chill Baby Bite Your Tongue Teether
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Judge-Mints
Superman Soap
Frida & Monkey Enamel Pin Set
Rosie The Riveter Finger Puppet
Alfred Hitchcock Finger Puppet
Bob Ross Soap
Magnetic Dress Up Justice League
Mister Roger's Encourage-Mints
Rosie The Riveter Bar Soap
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finger Puppet
Frida Bar Soap
Trump's Small Hand Bar Soap
Freud's Wash Fulfillment Soap
Snake Plant Paper Plant Card
Pinstripe Plant Paper Plant Card
Frida Reflections Sticky Notes
389 results


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