Novelty Gifts

What is a novelty gift? It's usually something unusual, unique or so far-fetched that you'd be surprised it was ever manufactured. Something is charming about a gift that's so novelty its very existence is enough to make you laugh. And although we wouldn't recommend them for Valentine's Day, our range of novelty products are a sure-fire win for most occasions.

Novelty Gifts
69 results
This Annoying Family Life Colouring Book
Mini Plant Pot Statues
Lets Summon Demons Coloring Book
Fart Jokes Gum
Dick Jokes Gum
Dad Jokes Gum
Piggy Doughnuts Air Freshener
Doggy Doughnuts Air Freshener
Chia Willie Nelson
Chia The Child Satchel Pose
Chia RuPaul
Chia RuPaul
I Heart Bad Music Gum
Ketchup Candy
Love Who You Love Gum
Basically Ageless Gum
Cut The Shit Anxiety Gum
Micro Penis Mug
Plant Pot Mini Royals
Mini Plant Pot Yoga Cats
Plant Pot Mini Gnomes
Cap Zappa Bottle Opener
Cat Gurus
Cat Gurus
Hey Bitches Gum
Intentional Bitch Face Gum
Hedgehog Chia
Hedgehog Chia
Unicorn Chia
Unicorn Chia
Handiclaus Finger Puppet
Kale Candy Canes
Pizza Candy
Pizza Candy
Kidney Slippers
I Love You Gum
Generation Z Bar Soap
Writer's Block Bar Soap
The First Child Bar Soap
Social Anxiety Bar Soap
The Youngest Child Bar Soap
Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Mints
Secret Ingredient Gum
Ask Your Doctor Gum
Ha Ha Ha Whoops I Peed Gum
Pickle Air Freshener
Lobster Candy
Feeling Ruff? Stress Ball Pug
Pink Panther Crank Music Box In Box
Gold Tooth Plush.
Potato Chip Bag Clips
Laugh My Ass Off Gum.
Here Comes The Sun Crank Music Box
69 results

Unusual gifts for the unusual person

Know someone who's extraordinarily out of the norm? Celebrate their uniqueness with a matching novelty gift. You know that they'd appreciate a penis plush much more than some kitchenware, so don't be shy, feed their unusual personality with an apt-gift.

Random Funny Gifts

Random funny gifts can really brighten someone’s day. Give the gift of a gag and get a laugh in return. We’ve got all sorts of silly, funny and sometimes rude gifts for you to choose from. *WARNING* Novelty gifts can cause offence for those lacking a sense of humour, always tickle recipient first to check compatibility *LECTURE OVER*

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