Novelty Gifts

What is a novelty gift? It's usually something unusual, unique, or so far-fetched that you'd be surprised it was ever manufactured. Something is charming about a gift that's so novelty its very existence is enough to make you laugh. And although we wouldn't recommend them for Valentine's Day, our range of novelty products is a sure-fire win for most occasions.

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Unusual gifts for the unusual person

Know someone who's extraordinarily out of the norm? Celebrate their uniqueness with a matching novelty gift. You know that they'd appreciate a penis plush much more than some kitchenware, so don't be shy, feed their unusual personality with an apt-gift.

Random Funny Gifts

Random funny gifts can really brighten someone’s day. Give the gift of a gag and get a laugh in return. We’ve got all sorts of silly, funny and sometimes rude gifts for you to choose from. *WARNING* Novelty gifts can cause offence for those lacking a sense of humour, always tickle the recipient first to check compatibility *LECTURE OVER*