Enamel Pins, Patches & Keychains

Accessories don't have to just be about fancy jewellery or fashionable bags. Sometimes, you can't beat a good old enamel pin, iron-on patch or keychain to get your personality across. Do you want Beyonce's face on your denim? No problem. Got a tote bag that needs sprucing up? A patch will solve that. And when it comes to keychains, well, it goes without saying that you're doing it wrong if you only have keys.

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Enamel Pins

Whether it's a llama, your favourite celebrity or you need to announce to the world about your smoking habits with a marijuana leaf; enamel pins are a fun way to add some personality to just about anything you can poke a hole through.

Iron on patches

No, we're not talking about your classic girl guide type patches, and if you're thinking of purchasing one of these for your uniform you should think again - they're more suited for personal items.


Keychains - they do more than just get in the way when you're trying to unlock your door. They can be pretty cool, fantastically hilarious, and they turn an otherwise boring object into a conversation starter or if you're repping our prostate key chain, a conversation killer.