Canadian gifts and souvenirs - Toronto's finest collection of themed products

Canadian gifts can be tricky to select, do you go for the raccoon in a mug or a pair of CBC socks? Don't worry, Outer Layer is here to help. Our Toronto and Canadian souvenirs are the perfect gifts for any patriot or visitors who inevitably fell in love.

Canadian Gifts & Souvenirs
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Toronto Raccoon Mug
Maple Syrup Tin Candle Wood Wick
CBC Logo Mug
CBC Logo Mug
Maple Syrup Tin Candle
Toronto Streetcar Socks
CBC Retro Logo Socks
Love From Toronto Card
Someone in Canada Loves You Card
Votive Maple Syrup Candle
Votive Maple Syrup Candle Wood Wick
CBC Standby Socks
The best in beer socks!
All Dressed Chips Socks
High Low Toronto Card
Canadian Ketchup Chips Socks
Hockey Night In Canada Skate Socks
Caesar Drink Socks
Children's Toronto Streetcar Socks
Canadian Hockey Skate Socks
Retro Hockey Players Socks
Cheezies Socks
Maple Leaves Postcard
CBC Retro TV Channel Mug
How To Move To Canada
Curling Rock Socks
Ontario Peaches Watercolour Card
Children's Toronto Basketball Raptors Socks
Toronto Streetcar Card
Muskoka Chair Watercolour Card
Heritage Great Outdoors Mug
Children's Toronto Baseball Blue Jays Socks
Winter Icons Mug Blue
Read The North Loon Card
Queen St. W. Acorn Street Sign Enamel Pin
CN Tower Watercolour Card
Geddy Lee Rock Royalty Card
Toronto Food Truck Card
Canada Sparks Joy Card
Littlest Hobo Card
Canadian Coins Socks
Read The North Raccoon

Toronto themed gifts and souvenirs

Toronto is much more than just the raccoon capital of the world, but you wouldn’t guess that from the amount of Toronto souvenirs we have featuring their little furry faces.

Canadian themed gift ideas

There’s a lot of love to go around in Canada, and a lot of maple syrup too. So much, in fact, that we’ve turned it into candles, bath soaps ornaments and more - anything maple makes the perfect Canadian gift!

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