Birthday gifts & present ideas

Looking for birthday present ideas? Don’t worry, you’re here now! We’ve got the best (we think so, anyway) birthday gifts, all conveniently laid out for you on this page. Unique gifts? Yes! Special gifts? Of course. Insulting and frankly rude gifts? We've got you. What are you waiting for? Go forth with our birthday present ideas and find that winning gift!

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Birthday present ideas

Okay, so maybe you need help coming up with some birthday present ideas. We recommend that you think of something personal to them, perhaps a joke, hobby or character trait, and use this to guide your birthday gift journey. Birthday present ideas are easy to come by once you know what you're looking for - so dig deep in those memories and pick a winner.

Best birthday gifts

When it comes to buying the best birthday gift, it's usually an impulse buy or sporadic purchase off the back of an 'in-the-moment' birthday present idea. Don't worry about beating the present you got them last year or trying to find a gift that matches what they bought for you. The best birthday gifts capture a friendship and relationship in a way no other gift can. Even if that is a guide to fart spotting...