Beauty Products & Cosmetics

Our beauty products aren't your standard counter cosmetics. These beauty supplies are all hand-picked for their smell, ingredients, packaging and character. Outer Layer only wants the best beauty products and cosmetics for its customers, because you deserve it of course.

Beauty Products & Cosmetics
265 results
Woodsmoke Soap
Gardeners Scrub Soap
Soft Patchouli Soap
Dandelion Soap
More Moisture Lip Balm Unscented
Lemon Mojito Soap 250g
Minted Rose Lip Balm Tube
Strawberry Lip Balm Tube
Minted Rose Lip Balm
Strawberry Lip Balm
Mocha Rose Lip Balm Tube
Mocha Rose Lip Balm
Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm Tube
Rose Mandarin Lip Balm Tube
Rose Mandarin Lip Balm
Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm Tube
Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm
Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm Tube
Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm
Rosebud Salve Tube
Rosebud Salve
Rosebud Salve
Eclipse Perfume
Poison Ivy Perfume
Dead Sexy Gift Set Tin
Kiss Kiss Black Cherry Lip Balm
Coconut Cream Bar Soap
Lavender  Orange Bar Soap
Avocado Bar Soap
Lemongrass Bar Soap
Citrus Mint Charcoal Bar Soap
Citrus Mint Body Wash 60mL
Citrus Mint Body Wash 236mL
Coconut Lemon Body Wash 60mL
Coconut Lemon Body Wash 236mL
Coconut Vanilla Body Wash 60mL
Coconut Vanilla Body Wash 236mL
Citrus Mint Hand and Body Lotion 60mL
Citrus Mint Hand and Body Lotion 236mL
Coconut Lemon Hand and Body Lotion 60mL
Coconut Lemon Hand and Body Lotion 236mL
Coconut Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion 60mL
Coconut Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion 236mL
Coconut Coffee Scrub 90g
Coconut Coffee Scrub 227g
Coconut Milk Soak 454g
Coconut Milk Soak 100g
Relax Bath Salt Soak 100g
Relax Bath Salt Soak 500g
265 results

Sensational scents & fragrances

If you're looking for beautiful smelling scents, candles and fragrances, you’ll find them all in our range of beauty products. Coming in a wide variety of styles and scents, many of our candles and home fragrances come in fun containers that can be repurposed after the fun of burning them is over. Browse our full range of candles and home fragrances here. 

Enjoy our range of quality cosmetics products

With restorative skin serums, mask creams and wipes, essential oils and toiletries, aromatic soaps and shampoos, lip balms and elixirs, our full selection of cosmetics products will have you glowing and grinning from ear to ear. Treat yourself, your body or your loved ones to some of the amazing brands and cosmetics products in our range today.

Bathroom supplies

But it's not all beauty. Our bathroom products are on hand to bring your room to life. They look great, smell even better and your guests are sure to be impressed with your hotel-esque bathroom products.