Birthday Cards For Relatives

Family deserves the best, and choosing a birthday card for your relative isn’t always easy. Are they your nemesis cousin you’re always in competition with? Is it your grandma who only likes the colour pink? Or is it your younger brother who's going through a dinosaur stage? Whoever it’s for and whatever their interests are, browse our range and use our filtering system to find what you need.

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Grandma, grandpa, uncle or sister?

It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is; we’re on hand to help you find the best card they could possibly ask for. We only choose the most unique birthday cards, and that’s especially true for our relatives' range as we know how important it is to send the right message. Don’t forget that if you need us to handwrite your crafted message for you, you can make use of our handwritten card service.

Birthday cards for Mom, Dad, and more

Selecting the right birthday card for a loved one is important. Whether it's a unique Dad birthday card, thoughtful birthday cards for Mom, or something special for a sibling or grandparent, this collection offers choices for every family member. Tailored to individual interests and personalities, you can find the perfect expression of affection and celebration.