I Heart Guts

I Heart Guts: Anatomically Correct Plush Organs for a Smile!

Have you heard about the I Heart Guts range? They're a friendly group of plush organs that are anatomically correct, and we just love them! If you know someone having surgery, send them an I Heart Guts replacement. It may not function as well as the real thing, but it's sure to bring a smile to their face.

Plush organs can be fun AND educational

While the I Heart Guts plush range might not guarantee a Biology bachelor's degree, they serve as an engaging introduction for those curious about the human body. These delightful and educational plush organs come with tags detailing fascinating facts about each one.

I Heart Guts: Unique Plush Organs for Learning & Love

From the I Heart Guts Heart plush that captures the essence of affection, to the intricately designed I Heart Guts Kidney and I Heart Guts Ovaries, every plush is a delightful blend of education and whimsy. For enthusiasts in Canada, there's no better place to find your favorite I Heart Guts collectibles. Embrace the joy of anatomy with Outer Layer's I Heart Guts Canada plush range!