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Looking to buy greeting cards online in Canada? You’ve come to the right place. Outer Layer stock a huge range of unique, funny, sweet, rude or smart greeting cards - take your pick!

776 results
Lawn Gnome Card
Open Bar Card
Eight Months Impressive Card
Old Fashioned Card
Unicorn Baby Card
Cool Cat Daddy-O Card
LL Cool J Knockout Card
The Truth X Files Card
Sister Act Whoopie Card
Dolly Giving Finger Card
Aging Is A Drag Card
Stellar Mom Card
The Shit I Do Card
Unicorn Weird Card
Pigeon With Donut Card
Baby Elephant Card
Wedding Chapel Card
Maneki Neko Card
Rarest Of Them All Dad Card
Better With Age Card
Sexy Birthday Card
Someone in Canada Loves You Card
Someone in Canada Misses You Card
Spork Baby Card
Marry Fuck Kill Card
Dirty 30s Card
Birthday Baldy Card
Black Ace Card
Knitted Booties Card
Papa Bear Fathers Day Card
Pizza & Wine Card
Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Cups Card
Artisanal Birthday Card
More Than Candy Card
Til Death Do Us Part Is For Quitters Card
Best Mom Book Card
Heres To Bride And Groom Card
Bachelorette Tiara Card
Lottery Thanks Card
My Anchor Card
Gay Bears Card
Parents Private Sections Card
Double Double Card
Maple Syrup Card
Canada Map Card
His And Her Shoes Card
Gangsta Wrap Card
Someone In Toronto Loves You Card
776 results

Greeting Cards For Every Occasion

We take great pride in our greeting cards, and we’ve searched the globe high and low to ensure we’ve got one for every occasion  (and every type of person). So, no matter if it’s your inappropriate aunts 50th, or your boring bosses work anniversary - we’ve got a greeting card to fit.

Your Greeting Card store, here to help

We’ve been helping savvy shoppers choose greeting cards in our Toronto store since 2002, so If you can’t find the right one, or you’ve seen too many and need a hand narrowing them down, get in contact or visit us in-store.  We love helping out during special occasions, and everyone knows how important greeting cards are...

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