I Heart Guts

Have you heard about the I Heart Guts range? They're a friendly group of plush organs that are anatomically correct, and we just love them! If you know someone having surgery, send them an I Heart Guts replacement. It may not function as well as the real thing, but it's sure to bring a smile to their face.

I Heart Guts
59 results
Teeth Lapel Pin
Eyeball Lapel Pin
Pancreas Plush
Kidney Plush
Kidney Plush
Intestine Plush
Prostate Lapel Pin
Uterus Lapel Pin
Ovary Lapel Pin
Kidney Lapel Pin
Heart Lapel Pin
Gallbladder Lapel Pin
59 results

Plush organs can be fun AND educational

While you may struggle to pass your Biology bachelor's degree by studying the I Heart Guts range alone, they're a great introduction to people looking to learn about the human body. They're a fun (and adorable) way to get to know the body. Every plush organ comes with an educational tag that shares some facts about themselves.

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