Valentine's Day Cards

Some people don't take Valentine's Day cards very seriously, which is why our range consists of cute, romantic and funny Valentine's greetings. No matter what your take on Valentine's Cards, you'll find one you love here.

Valentine's Day Cards
231 results
You Warm My Heart Card
You're A Snack Twinkie Box Card
You're My Lobster Card
Harry Styles I Adore You Card
Decided To Ruin Our Friendship Card
So Many Feelings Card
Different Taste In Music Card
You're My Chosen One Greeting Card
My Dream Boat Greeting Card
T-Rextion Enamel Pin Greeting Card
Putting Up With My Shit Card
Stuck with You Valentine Greeting Card
Pass the Chocolate Valentine Greeting Card
Audrey's Advice Valentine Greeting Card
Library Valentine's Day Card
Hot Sauce Love Card
I'm Crazy About You Card
Wonderful Wife Bouquet Card
Crappy Valentine's Day Card
Husband Valentine's Stripes Card
Love You Fur Real Cat Card
Bao Chicka Wow Wow Card
Main Squeeze Oranges Card
It's Valentines Day Card
Ghost Love Card
Caribou Love Card
Soy In Love Card
Got Buns Bunny Card
Stars Aligned Seals Card
I Really Like You Card
Long Romantic Scrolls Card
Husband Banner Heart Card
Whole Latte Love Card
Yoga Love Card
You Are So Weird Card
Lil' Snack Cupcake Card
Lionel Richie All Night Card
Love Bites Card
Love You More Than Trash Card
Octopi Hold Hands Card
Butt Lights Up My Life Card
Single And Ready To Press Play Card
Our Kind Of Party Card
Impossible But I Love You Card
One Night Stand Card
Thick and Thin Pizza Card
Good Vibes Only Card
Really Big Horns Card
231 results

Say happy Valentine's Day with the right card

Find the right Valentine's Day card this year to express how you feel. We have dozens and dozens of options in our range, with Valentine's Day cards for Him and Valentine's Day cards for Her, with messages ranging from the heartfelt and romantic to the funny and ridiculous! Get the day of love right this year and find the right Valentine's Day card today.

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

For those comedians out there that prefer to see the funny side of Valentine's day, we have a huge selection of funny Valentine's Day cards within our range. When buying your partner lighthearted Valentine's gifts, pair them up with one of the funny Valentine's day cards from the Outer Layer range today.

Or, keep it romantic

A good Valentine's day card can go a long way in showing your feelings, and at Outer Layer we have loads of sickeningly sweet and sappy, romantic Valentine's Day cards for you to pair up with your presents! Keep it romantic for Valentine's day in 2021 and share the love with a more romantic Valentine's Day card from our range.

Also looking for gifts this Valentine's Day?

We don't just sell Valentine's Day cards at Outer Layer you know. In our complete range of Valentine's Day gifts, you are bound something to accompany your Valentine's Day card, whether it's something cute and romantic or anything funny. What's more, if you're finding it tricky to find the right stuff for your partner, you can have a look at our Valentine's Day gifts for him and our Valentine's Day gifts for her separately here.