Christmas gift ideas for friends

Christmas gift ideas for friends

Christmas gift ideas for friends

We’re here to help you choose a gift for your bestie this Christmas with some of the best from our range. Buying for your best friend should be easy; you know them well enough to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable, and you’ll have personal jokes you can call upon to find a personal gift. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Grown ass lady mug

Grown-Ass Lady Mug


Why’s this a great gift for your best friend? Because they’re a grown-ass lady and they do what they want. If your bestie doesn’t fit that description such as, if they’re a man, it will at least give them a laugh.


Feminism postcard book

 Feminism Postcard Book


This book of postcards features feminist quotes that can invigorate the badass lady out of everyone. There are 20 total postcards, which should be just about enough to get them all riled up for the next rally or march.


Canadian hockey player socks

Canadian Hockey Player Socks


It’s no real secret that men love socks as Christmas gifts. Throughout the year they go through wear and tear, some get lost, some lose their partner, and they’re left with nothing but odd socks. Christmas is the time that they hope their sock supply gets replenished, and if they love hockey, these will be great.


Women’s wine scene crew socks

Women's Wine Scene Crew Socks Black


These wine socks are a great accompaniment for a variety of wine-related situations such as the following:

  1. Great for wearing when strolling through vineyards, or imagining you are
  2. Whilst drinking wine, just to double up on the wine action
  3. When you're in a location it's not suitable for you to drink wine, they can help remind you of what's to come


Floral gloss mint canteen 16oz

Rifle Paper Lively Floral Gloss Mint Canteen 16oz


Everyone needs a nice canteen bottle in their life. They're great for work, at home, the gym and for car journeys; perfect for hot or cold beverages anytime, anywhere. This bottle has an iconic floral pattern and is made of stainless steel with triple insulation. Your bestie would love you for this.


Cannabis leaf candle

 Field Jar Cannabis Leaf Candle


For the friend who's mom wouldn't let them smoke in their room. This cannabis leaf candle has notes of hash oil, patchouli and antique leather. After the use, the jar makes a great storage place for small things (we won’t make a guess at what).


Wonder woman book

 Wonder Women


Inspire the special female in your life with a book that delves into 25 famous female innovators, inventors and trailblazers who changed history. It's a great insight into female history and might be the reminder they need that they can achieve anything.


High friend card

High Friend Broad City Card


Do you have a bestie that you enjoy the occasional high with? Send them a hilarious Christmas hi with your best written festive message to accompany your gift.


Thank you friends card

 Thank You Friends Card


The TV show Friends is one of those timeless classics, and people can't believe it when someone hasn't seen it. Some of us are more obsessed with the TV series than others, but all of us can see examples of our own friendships within the series. If you've got a friend that reminds you of Friends, this is a great card for them. 


More bestie gifts

Didn’t find the perfect gift for your best friend? No problem, our online range has thousands of heartfelt or hilarious options for you to choose from. Browse Outer Layer.