Baby Shower Gifts

Whoop! Everyone loves a baby shower, especially if you're the one receiving the baby shower gifts!

Baby Shower Gifts
52 results
Adventure Octopus Lil Bitty Spork & Spoon
Baby Otter Sippy Cup
Adventure Octopus Lil Bitty Sippy Cup
Meadow Friends Sippy Cup
Go Kitty Go Suction Bowl
What Did The Fox Eat Flip & Sip
Isla Mermaid Divided Suction Plate
Go Kitty Go Sippy Cup
Happy Cactus Divided Suction Plate
Happy Cactus Silicone Teether Set of 2
Happy Cactus Sippy Cup
Go Kitty Go Divided Suction Plate
Mama Llama Divided Suction Plate
Bottle Of House White Onesie 3-6 Months
Poppin' Bottles Onesie 3-6 Months
Dressed To Spill Sailor
Gimme Fork & Spoon Set
Hangry Fork & Spoon Set
Mute Fork & Spoon Set
Safe Baby Handling Tips Book
Welcome to the Shit Show Snapsuit 0-6 Months
Fishin' For Compliments 0-6 Months.
Wild Child Snapsuit 6-12 Months.
Welcome to the Shit Show Snapsuit 6-12 Months.
Fishin' For Compliments 6-12 Months.
Hoo Dat? Snapsuit 6-12 Months
I'm a Baby What's Your Excuse? Snapsuit 0-6 Months.
Level Rookie Snapsuit 6-12 Months.
Hoo Dat? Snapsuit 0-6 Months.
Silently Judging You Snapsuit (Charcoal) 6-12 Months
Crying Gets You Things Snapsuit 0-6 Months
Bad Influence Snapsuit 0-6 Months
Silently Judging You Snapsuit (Charcoal) 0-6 Months
Wild Child Snapsuit 0-6 Months.
Chill Baby Lemonade Teether
Chill Baby Bite Your Tongue Teether
Stuff Every Mom Should Know
Good Night Canada
Baby Owner's Manual
Rookie Season Baby Onesie
Baby Lifting Dumbell
Sorry Baby Onesie
Player 3 Snapsuit 6-12 Months
Player 3 Snapsuit 0-6 Months
Belly Body Butter
Chill Baby Pequena Cerveza Baby Bottle
Chill Baby Lil Lager Baby Bottle
52 results

Wondering what to buy for a baby shower?

It's the perfect excuse for a bit of pampering and seeing your nearest and dearest. But what gift to take for the mom to be? How do you find a baby shower gift more unique and even cuter than everyone else? Let Outer Layer help you there. We've assembled the best collection of baby shower gifts - you're welcome unborn babies.

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