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Rose & Moroccan Red Clay Bath Bomb
Mermaid Bar Soap
Jasmine Coconut Milk Bath
Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb
Vanilla Chai Soap
Eucalyptus Himalayan Salt Soak
Lavender  Rosemary Bath Bomb
Purple Brazilian Clay Coconut Milk Bath
Himalayan Salt Soak
Purple Brazilian Clay Bath Bomb
Charcoal & Anise Soap
Shea Butter & French Green Clay Soap
Coca Rosa & Moroccan Clay Soap
Juniper & Spruce Dead Sea Salt Soak
Himalayan Salt Soap
The Old Fashioned Magnesium Salt Soak
Lemongrass & French Green Clay Bath Bomb
Purple Brazilian Clay Soap
Lavender  Rosemary ManiPedi Bombs
Eucalyptus  Himalayan Salt ManiPedi Bombs
Rose  Moroccan Red Clay ManiPedi Bombs
The Old Fashioned Bath Bomb
The Old Fashioned Soap
Jasmine Bath Bomb
Lemon  Lavender Bath Bomb
The Old Fashioned Holiday Gift Set
Canadian Glacial Clay Shaving Soap
Jasmine Candle 500mL

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