Unemployed Philosophers Guild

What, or who are the Unemployed Philosophers Guild you ask? We couldn't tell you. We've been stocking their products in hope to uncover their secrets, but it's all still one big mystery for us. What we do know is that their creations make for greats gifts and comical viewing.
45 results
Bob Ross Self-Painting Mug
Bob Ross Soap
Mister Roger's Encourage-Mints
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Judge-Mints
Star Trek Dilithium Crystal Mints
Bob Ross Happy Little Mints
Constellations Mug Gold
Literary Cat Mug
Albert Einstein Planter Pot
Freud Finger Puppet
Dinosaur Mug
Dinosaur Mug
Packaging of Freud Oral Fixation Lip Balm.
Rosie The Riveter's Hard Working Lip Balm
Jean-Luc Picard's Make it Soap
Stiff Upper Lip Balm
Ships of Star Trek Mug
Trump's Small Hand Bar Soap
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finger Puppet
Magnetic Dress Up Frida
Sigmund Freud Planter Pot
William Shakespeare Planter Pot
Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Mints
Cthulhu Finger Puppet
Canada Passport Notebook
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mug
Yiddish Insults Mug
Lady Macbeth Guest Bar Soap
Bob Ross Finger Puppet
Freddie Mercury Secular Saint Candle
Bioluminsence Mug
Packaging of Frida Kahlo Lip Balm.
Freud Secular Saint Candle
Wonder Woman Soap
Grim Reaper Magnetic Personality
Comic Notebook Large
Kurt Vonnegut Secular Saint Candle
Alfred Hitchcock Quotable Notable Card
Rosie The Riveter Finger Puppet
Alfred Hitchcock Finger Puppet
Freud's Wash Fulfillment Soap
Jesus Quotable Notable Card
Sylvia Plath Finger Puppet
Jane Austen Finger Puppet
Georgia OKeeffe Finger Puppet
Magnetic Dress Up Freud

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