Daisy Patch Hummingbirds Pop Up Card


Let yourself be drawn in by this pop-up card's colorful exterior, with a bright turquoise background and a brilliant hummingbird flitting over a patch of daisies. Similarly, vibrant hummingbirds dance across a collection of delicate daisies when the card opens, producing a 3D effect that brings the greeting card to life. The daisies and hummingbirds sit on a cool blue background, which makes it appear as if the birds are perching in the clouds.

  • Includes a pull-out note card for your personal message
  • Comes with a white envelope
  • 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall (closed)
  • Lovepop creates beautiful laser-cut pop-up cards designed on ship-building software and handcrafted in the ancient art form of kirigami.

    by Lovepop