Scratch & Sketch Kittens


Explore the adorable world of kittens by Scratch and Sketch!

  • This is a Trace-Along Scratch and Sketch! Use the wooden stylus included to trace the white outlines on the black-coated pages and reveal the glittery foil and colorful swirl patterns beneath!
  • Trace the white lines to reveal different kinds of kittens in action in glittering foil and colorful swirls
  • Makes a fun way for young children (5 and up) to build confidence in their creativity
  • They can also use the extra sketch pages in the back to draw their own pictures
  • Art activity book contains 20 black-coated scratch-off pages, 20 illustrated pages with informative text, and 20 extra pages for independent drawing and sketching
  • Learn all about these furry friends! Learn which cat breed loves to swim, why cats are such good hiders, how kittens talk with their tails, and more!
  • The wooden stylus is shrink-wrapped with the book
  • Suggested ages: 5 and up
  • Sturdy wire-o hardcover binding
  • Art activity book measures 6.375 x 8.5 inches
  • 64 pages