Sperm Sparkly Lapel Pin


This glitter sperm cell enamel pin adds flair to just about anything. Great sperm donor pin, sperm bank, IVF clinic or fertility friend. This cute little 1.25" spermatozoa enamel pin comes packed on educational card.

Did you know the fastest sperm doesn't always win entry into the egg? The ovum can shut out sperm she does not like and shine her special light on favored sperm. So even if your swimmers are slow, they still have a chance with Ms. Egg.

Sperm is the spunky swimming cell responsible for half of a human. Millions of sperm are made daily in the testicles. They swim to the prostate, which adds fluids to create semen. Semen is the special sauce that feeds and protects sperm, which leaves the body through the penis.