Unfamiliar Familiars


Forget the toads and black cats: Every witch is unique, so shouldn't you have a familiar as one-of-a-kind and extraordinary as yourself?

Unfamiliar Familiars, by Megan Lynn Kott and Justin DeVine, is a comprehensive and humorous handbook to finding and caring for the unconventional animal companion.

This guide will help you find the animal best suited to your personality and particular magical needs.

Animals include a narwhal (strong in clairvoyance and fencing), an albatross (best for sea-faring witches), or an earthworm (for garden-based magic and fish summoning).

  • Features real-world facts with a playful, magical spin
  • Includes a helpful quiz for finding your own familiar
  • Brimming with suggested names, strengths, weaknesses, and more
  • Hardcover / 96 pages / 6 x 8 inches