Mother's Day Gifts: Our 20 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts: Our 20 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts: Our 20 Best Mother's Day Gifts

Best Mother’s Day Gifts, presented by Outer Layer. Just a reminder (not that you need one, right?), Mother’s Day is happening on Sunday May 12th. Children of the world rejoice, your opportunity to shine and take the crown of favourite child has come again. We want you to win, so we’ve put together our 20 best gifts to answer your ‘What to buy for Mother’s Day’ question. You’re welcome, Mom’s new favourite.

Here's our 20 best Mother’s Day present

  1. 100% Shea Butter 

     100% Shea Butter Tube 30ml
    Moms have an amazing talent of knowing when to be firm, and when to be soft; let’s call it a matriarchal instinct. Unfortunately, human skin isn’t as forgiving as moms, and sometimes it needs a little bit of help to soften up. This shea butter by Pré de Provence is the perfect candidate. It’s super-moisturising and comes in a handy travel tube. A must-have for the moms of the world.

  2. True Vanilla Eau de Parfum

     True Vanilla Eau De Parfum
    Elegant, smooth and damn right decadent. No, we’re not talking about your mom, these qualities belong to the True Vanilla Eau de Parfum by Library of Flowers. Cute packaging AND an amazing smell - Mom will be happy if this turns up on Mother’s Day.

  3. You Wanna Piece Oven Mitt

     You Wanna Piece Oven Mitt
    Your mom is pretty special you know, she deserves the best of the best - yes, this even applies to kitchen accessories. Your mom can’t be preparing her special dishes in any old oven mitt, get one worthy of her greatness (We recommend this one).

  4. Purrfect Pinch Bowls

     Purrfect Pinch Kitchen Bowls Set of 6
    If your mom’s a fan of cats, cute kitchenware or funky colors, these kitten bowls will make the purrfect gift. Warning, she’ll be looking for any excuse to use them, so don’t buy these if you’re on a snack diet!

  5. Kitty Wine Stopper

     Stop Kitty Wine Stopper
    Wine and moms, name a more iconic duo? Okay, so not all moms drink wine, but for those that do, you’re about to become the favourite child. You’re basically gifting her a reason to cork open another bottle, not that she needed one in the first place.

  6. Hill Dale Tote Bag

     Hill & Dale Tote Bag

    Tote bags are pretty useful for everyone, but gift one to a mom, and you’ll see it used in ways you didn’t know existed (probably because your mom always carries your stuff). We recommend one with a cute pattern, to make all the other moms jealous of course.

  7. Cacti Water Bottle

     Cacti Water Bottle
    Mom’s are constantly busy, they barely even get the chance to sit down and revitalise that energy that’s so unique to moms. Pick her up a water bottle and she’ll be able to maintain her superhuman powers on the move. This cactus patterned one will also keep her up on the latest trends.

  8. Citrus Floral Recipe Box

     Citrus Floral Recipe Box
    You know better than anyone else how delicious your mom’s secret recipes are. She needs somewhere to store them, and you need them written down so that you can steal them for yourself. You won’t find a more unique Mother’s Day gift than this.

  9. Vintage Watering Can

     Vintage Watering Can
    If she’s known for her green fingers, this vintage-inspired watering will help her garden in style. And if she’s not into that sort of thing, it still looks pretty funky as a shelf accessory.

  10. Bedside Caddy Felt Large

     Large Felt Bedside Caddy
    What does Mom deserve more than anything? Some well-deserved time to rest in bed. While she’s there, make sure she doesn’t have to leave; grab her a bedside caddy. This little device tucks into your mom’s bed frame and has 4 compartments for her essentials. There’s even an opening for her phone charger, so she can play Color Bump 3D for hours without ever having to move! Let’s be honest, she deserves the rest.

  11. Fly Away Betty Apron

     Fly Away Betty Apron
    After catering to your every need for the past however many years, you may have noticed your mom’s apron is a little worse for wear - certainly not to the standard your Mother dearest deserves. If it has more food stains than original coloring, do the right thing and grab her a new one.

  12. Wild Fig Alpine Candle

     Alpine Candle Wild Fix & Cedar 9.5 oz.
    They look good as an attention piece, smell amazing, and their packaging can often be reused. Candles are a staple part of every mom’s home, and adding to her stock levels is only ever going to go down well.

  13. Shadowvale Linen Cosmetic Bag

     Shadowvale Large Linen Cosmetic Bag
    Of course, moms are naturally beautiful, but for those who like to add an extra splodge of moisturiser or a flick of mascara, where are they meant to hide their beauty secrets? In this handy sized cosmetic bag of course.

  14. Anyone Can Be Awesome Magnet

    Anyone Can Be Awesome Magnet
    There isn’t a formula for buying the perfect Mother’s Day present, but you can’t go far wrong with something personal. We’ve got a variety of magnets with many mom-like phrases, so find one that reminds you of her and watch the laughs roll in on Mother’s Day.

  15. Homemade Happiness Dough Riser

     Homemade Happiness Dough Riser
    Is your mom a prime candidate for The Great Canadian Baking Show, or does she knead a bit more practice? Yolks aside, this dough riser might be the missing ingredient to her baking success.

  16. Beasties Notebooks

     Beasties Notebooks Set of 2
    If you see her jotting down notes on the odd bit of paper, or forgetting to update her calendar - you’ll be helping her out with these notebooks. They even fit in her handbag, perfect for when she’s sitting in the car waiting for you. If it’s going to make her life easier, you just know it’s going to make a good Mother’s Day gift.

  17. Nile Necklace

     Nile Necklace
    Moms make many sacrifices for their children, and Mother’s Day is your chance to show her how much you appreciate it. What’s a great way to achieve that? Buying her a beautiful piece of jewelry of course. If you wanted to pick up a cool Mother’s Day present, they don’t get much cooler than this.

  18. Fox Manicure Set

     Fox Manicure Set
    Those hands don’t pamper themselves, they require a lot of attention from all the hard work they’ve been put through. Luckily, this cute fox manicure set is ready to keep her mom-hands fresh and action ready.

  19. Mini Comfort Food Avocado

     Mini Comfort Food Avocado
    Can you think of anyone more deserving of a cuddle from this cute little guy than your mom? This snuggly fella will keep her company, never ask for anything and smile at her come rain or shine - just like you should have.

  20. Mother's Day Cards

    Dear Llama Mom Card
    Got It From My Mama Corgi Card
    Momma Bear Card

    Our range of funny Mother's Day cards are the perfect lighthearted way to show her you appreciate everything she's done for you.

Need more than 20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? We’ve got you.

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