Outer Layer’s guide to achieving common new year’s resolutions

Outer Layer’s guide to achieving common new year’s resolutions

The holiday season is coming to a close, and we’ll soon find ourselves in 2019. We want to offer our customers some alternative tactics to help achieve those new year’s resolutions. So, if you find yourself being pulled towards your favourite fast food restaurant, or you’re in immediate danger of cancelling leg day at the gym, remember these wise teachings of Outer Layer.

Disclaimer: These alternative tactics are pretty revolutionary, so there may be some disparity in their success...

How to eat healthy in 2019

Come 2019, office kitchens will blossom into gardens of lettuce, tomatoes and couscous. But after a couple of months on the greens, the flirtation of bacon can be hard to resist. Here’s what we’d do to avoid those unhealthy indulgences:

  1. Get yourself some bag clips and, instead of finishing that massive bag of crisps, spread the feast out over a couple of days (bonus points if the use of a cockroach clip puts you off eating them altogether).
  2. Start to build a recipe list of all the healthy meals you like. It’s easy to eat unhealthy food if you’re not sure what to cook, but take a lucky dip in your recipe box, and the decision will be made for you.
  3. Replace your standard lip balm with a bacon flavoured variant and satisfy your cravings, it doesn’t count if you’re not swallowing!
  4. Equip yourself with an apron you love so much that it makes you want to cook. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, you’re much less likely to indulge in unhealthy snacks or takeaway food.
  5. Pick up a pretty lunch box or container (and more importantly fill it with healthy food) to avoid grabbing a quick lunch at work. 


Alligator Bag Clips Set of 3
Juliet Rose Recipe Box
Bacon Lip Balm
Apron Hootenany Betty
Blue Fans Snack Container


Fitness new year's resolutions

It’s safe to say that most of us know why exercise is great, but how come it’s so easy to give in after a month of fitness fanaticism? We reckon it’s because everyone burns themselves out, and what was enjoyable at the start of the month becomes something you’re doing because you set a resolution. Here’s how to lighten up your fitness routine and keep yourself on track, or the track.

  1. Start your fitness quest with a partner that’ll be by your side for years to come - someone who literally cannot utter the word ‘no’ when you ask them to exercise with you. We’re of course talking about the essential gym water bottle you’ll be needing.
  2. On your drive to the gym, so much could happen that gives you an excuse to have a day off. That’s where dashboard Jesus comes in. Attach him to your car, and, when you’re thinking of skipping exercising, look him in the eyes. You’ll never avoid a workout again!
  3. We want to see results when we exercise, and although it’s obvious when our body changes shape, what’s going on inside? Educate yourself on what constitutes as a healthy poop and keep track of your movements. There’s nothing more motivating than watching the results fly in!
  4. Treat yourself to a natural bar of soap that you love so much you’ll be looking for an opportunity to get stinky at the gym.
  5. Don’t burden yourself with a bag that's boring and oversized. Grab yourself one with character that’ll make gym-goers jealous of your fitness style.


S'well Blonde Wood Water Bottle
Dashboard Jesus
What's Your Poo Telling You?
Lavender Soap 250g
Here Kitty Shoulder Tote

Resolution idea: Take care of yourself!

Taking care of yourself is something we should all be doing on a regular basis. Maybe 2019 is the year of self-love for you, or perhaps this sounds like a makeshift resolution for people who can't commit to the gym. Either way, we’re big advocates for the self-loving movement.

  1. No matter what you’re up to, it can be improved by doing it with a sheet mask attached to your face. Not only is this efficient, but you’ll be glowing all the way into 2020.
  2. People who don’t use candles underestimate their allure. Their scent elegantly passes through the air and fills the room with a euphoric sense of relaxation. Did someone say candles and chill?
  3. You’ve seen the way cats purr when they’re being massaged, so why can’t us humans get in on the goodness? Grab yourself a head massager and give your cranium a bit of loving, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Perfume, aka the bottled essence of great smells, can be a great mood booster throughout the day. If you’ve got a resolution to find love in 2019, it’ll help with that too.
  5. Beauty products are a great way to take care of both body and mind. Grab yourself a travel set, decant your contents and bring your feel-good kit with you wherever you go.


Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Face Mask
Oud Aquilaria Travel Candle
Iridescent Head Massager
Dark Excess No28 Perfume
Apothecary Travel Set Extended Stay



New year goal: Start a hobby

Starting a hobby in 2019 is a great idea. There’ll be a whole wave of people ready to try new things, so partner up and begin the journey with someone else. Just don’t let them know about our secret suggestions, they may be the only thing giving you a competitive edge.

  1. Sketching, songwriting, a memoir, recreational algebra? Journals are a pretty fantastic tool for a lot of hobbies, some being more exciting than others.
  2. Gardening can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve got a unicorn squirrel head feeder installed. Photograph them in the act, and you can boast that you’ve taken up animal photography as well!
  3. Whatever your new hobby is, adding a bit of your personality to the mix will make it that bit more enjoyable. So go on, turn on your bicycle cat light and ride with pride kitty.
  4. Reading is a healthy alternative to spending time on your phone. You’ll just need the perfect novel to get started. Our suggestion? They don’t get much more engrossing than My Canadian boyfriend.
  5. Start a collection of something that you find interesting. Finger puppets, Bob Ross memorabilia, magnets? It could literally be anything. Need a bit of inspiration? Either check out our online range of Canadian Gifts or visit the Outer Layer store.


One Line A Day Journal
Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
Cat Bike Light
My Canadian Boyfriend
Bob Ross Chia Pet


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