Christmas gag gifts

Christmas gag gifts

Christmas gag gifts

Christmas gag gifts are great for that funny uncle that thrives off of laughter, or just for someone in your life that deserves a smile. They make great stocking stuffers, or they can be paired with other gifts to create a funny combo.


Horse head squirrel feeder

Have you wondered what a squirrel would look like with a horses head? Now you don’t need to. This crafty device transforms the animal into a humorous hybrid. If you don’t believe us, google ‘horse head squirrel feeder’ and you’ll find an abundance of hilarious user-generated videos.

Deluxe tongue scraper

 World's Best Stocking Stuffer - Tongue Scraper
This tongue scraper is the perfect stocking stuffer. Combine it with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a hearty lesson on oral hygiene and the kids are sure to love you this Christmas!

Pizza candy canes

There’s a growing movement of pizza enthusiasts who are trying to merge pizza and the festive season. At first, we were sceptics, but we’ve since embraced this new change. If you’re on board, spread the word with some pizza candy canes as a gift.

Yoga goat stacking game

 Goat Yoga Stacking Game
Legend has it that high on the mountain of Kanchenjunga lives a yoga master who has incorporated goats into his serenity. It hasn’t caught on yet, but someone who heard the tail made it onto a fun family game.

Roach bag clips

 Roach Bag Clips
Despite appearances, these friendly roaches will keep food sealed and help it stay fresh longer. They’ll also repel potential snack-stealers due to their menacing appearance and fierce protective personalities.

This shit is bananas lavatory mist

This humoristic lavatory mist might actually encourage offenders (dad, that’s you) to cover their tracks. There’s also a crossword on the back to keep them entertained.

Fart machine

It’s a great gift for the naughty cousin that you know will use it throughout Christmas dinner. It’s also an excellent gift for someone who farts a lot; they can use the machine as a cover-up for their real flatulence.

Beer ornament

 Hoser Beer Ornament
Beer ornaments have a rule just like mistletoe. Except, instead of kissing someone when you’re under it, you have to make sure you have a beer every time you see it.

Handages Bandages

Genius, bizarre, or both? Bandages are always handy, and these ones are extra handy by design. Comes with an extra handy handages tin because it’s just that handy.

Hand & foot finger puppets

Have you ever imagined what a pair of hands would want if they could speak? We’ve had the talk and found out that they’d like a pair of hands and a pair of feet to transport them to all the new things they can get up to.

Bob Ross Soap

Wash your body with the essence of the legend and infuse your soul with the energy that transcended Bob to stardom. There’s a reason it says ‘Let’s get a little crazy here’ on the packaging.

More novelty, please

If you need some more inspiration or you’re curious as to what the rest of our whacky range look like, we have even more novelty and gag gifts for you to choose from.