Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her, husband and wife

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her, husband and wife

We see the same thing at our store every year. Men panic buying the day before, and woman who turn up weeks in advance without any idea on what gift to grab.

We’ve heard your love induced cries for help, so we took it upon ourselves to seek out St. Valentine and ask him some questions. What did we learn? Only the best Valentine’s gift ideas for him, her and everyone else in existence.

Wondering what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day? You’re not alone

Before we get started with our gift ideas, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  1. Does your partner have any strange hobbies or habits?
  2. Do they tell bad jokes that you don’t understand, but they seem to love?
  3. Does he have feet?

If you answered yes to any of these, finding a Valentine’s gift for him is going to be easy.

So, what do you get a guy for Valentine's Day?

  • Firstly, take it back to the basics. A pair of socks may seem like a bad gift to you, but the right pair to the right man will trump the niftiest of gadgets. You know you’ve chosen well if they become his ‘lucky socks’.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a boyfriend with a beard, treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Aka, make sure your man is waxing and keeping it fresh!
  • Notorious for long stints on the toilet, there’s just something men find relaxing about the lavatorial experience. Why not purchase him some light reading he can work through during his potty adventures?
  • From a young age, it becomes apparent that men are the smellier of the genders. Unfortunately, they’re not always trained in the art of stink dispelling. Find a candle  he’ll love, and you’ll be basking in pleasant smells from this Valentines until the next.
  • Does he always lose things that you end up having to find? Not only will a 7-in-1 tool be genuinely useful for his DIY undertakings, but you’ll cut down your ‘searching for tools’ time by 6-fold.
  • A travel set for his face, hair and body products is great for the forgetful boyfriend. Not only that, but he’ll be occupied for hours decanting his favourite contents, giving you time to enjoy whatever gift he gets for you.


Men's Significant Otter Socks Black
Urban Beard Oil - Original
What's Your Poo Telling You?


Cedar Wood Candle
Animal Multi Tool
Apothecary Travel Set Extended Stay


The best Valentine’s gift for her? There’s not one answer

No matter how many variations of ‘the best Valentine’s gift for her’ you search, the perfect present for your girlfriend won’t suddenly appear. It may have led you to this blog though, so kudos for taking a step in the right direction, there’s hope for you yet. Consider the following as you browse:

  1. Is it personal to her? Basically, does the gift have a meaning beyond the physical thing itself? (It really should).
  2. She’d have definitely hinted at something she likes since last Valentine’s Day. Get your head massager in gear and start waking up those memory cells. Gift giving is much easier when you’re working towards an idea.
  3. Is it really a Valentine's Day gift, or is it just a present? Go for romantic, ingenious and close to the heart, not just something a search engine has thrown at you and 100,000 others.

Remember: Thoughtfulness beats spend on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s gifts for her: Cute, unique and romantic

  • Water bottles have gone through a transformation. Once mundane plastic containers, they’re now highly sought-after accessories with a variety of styles and features. The right water bottle will serve her for the rest of her life, so get browsing and keep her thirst at bay.
  • Beauty products for your beautiful partner? You can’t go wrong there. Does she regularly moisturise her face, cover her body in lavishly smelling butters or ever get dry lips? If in doubt, pick a natural one with nice packaging.
  • Chances are, she’ll already be using some beauty products. Have you noticed that they seem to be scattered around her house, or they magically multiply over time? If this sounds like your partner, a makeup bag is the gift she needs.
  • There are two things women like above all else: unicorns and wine (warning: in rare circumstances, this may actually not be true). Some genius figured this out before the rest of us. The result? A mythological wine stopper that combines the fun of folklore with everyday practicality.
  • Have you not heard that gemstones are all the rave right now? Amethyst is known for its healing energy and ability to restore balance. If it doesn’t deliver this, it’ll at least show her you’ve got style.
  • If she uses her phone often, whether that’s to take selfies, check how she’s looking or simply as a communication device, a popsocket will go down a treat. It’s a simple accessory that removes the risk of phone dropping or need for an awkward claw grip.

If she uses her phone often, whether that’s to take selfies, check how she’s looking or simply as a communication device, a popsocket will go down a treat. It’s a simple accessory that removes the risk of phone dropping or need for an awkward claw grip.


Calacatta Gold Water Bottle 25oz 750ml
Original Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream 75ml
Sea Spell Linen Cosmetic Bag Large


Unicorn Snowglobe Wine Stopper
Alignment Amethyst 18 Inch Necklace Silver
Golden Silence PopSocket


Need more Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Check out our entire range

Our store is brimming with unique products full of personality and charm. Why does that help you? During your relationship, you’ll learn all about your partner's quirks and habits. Finding a gift that plays on a personal joke you both have is a surefire way to their heart.

Take a moment to think about the relationship you have with your partner and browse our Valentine's Day gifts collection. You never know what’ll jump out at you once you’re thinking differently. Take a look at these products as a starting point of inspiration:


Wedding Couple Wine Stopper
Drinking Buddies Happy Couple
Fox Manicure Set


Heart of Gold Key Chain
Hangry Handy Tote
Poo Pourri Original 8oz


Need more Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

If you’re really still struggling, pop down to our Toronto store. We’ll be happy to offer you a hand. After all, we’ve got a lot of experience in this kind of stuff.

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