Christmas gift ideas for teachers

Christmas gift ideas for teachers

Buying a gift for your kids' teacher is never a bad idea. They work hard to educate the youth of today, and they'll have to deal with troublesome children, unhappy parents and have to take their work home just to stay on top. It's a great job, but sometimes a thankless one. That's why buying them a small gift at the end of the year could mean a lot to them; it's a special thanks from the parents for doing their job well.

When buying a gift for your kids' teacher, you have a couple of options. You can choose something practical that will help them in their daily teaching life, something that's more humorous that can make them laugh on their toughest days, or a combination of the two! Here are our best gifts for kids' teachers.

Apple teacher mug

Apple Teacher Mug


Apples have been a popular gift from pupils to teachers for a long time. No one's entirely sure on the origin, but the whispers in the teachers' lounge seem to think it gives teachers ungodly powers to educate and inspire anyone they come across.


Money and fame mug

Money And Fame Mug


There’s a frenzy in the staff room to find a mug when someone calls for a tea run. In this environment, if a teacher hasn’t claimed a mug already, they’re going to be last in line. Most of the teachers will find this funny, which means they’ll remember who it belongs to. Gift it to your favourite teacher and watch their peers drink a hot brew in envy.


Goodest teacher desk sign

 Goodest Teacher Desk Sign


The best teacher gifts are those full of humour, at least in our opinion anyway. A teachers' desk is their safe zone; the one piece of furniture that students know not to mess with. In this safe haven, you might find all banner of personal trinkets and stationery, and we bet this desk sign would look great amongst them.


F in exams book

F in Exams Book


Another humorous option for your teacher is this ‘f in exams book’ that features some of the best incorrect answers ever seen by teachers throughout the ages. Your teacher would have seen all sorts of peculiar answers in their time, but the ones in this book are on an entirely different level.


Kurt Vonnegut candle

Kurt Vonnegut Secular Saint Candle


Kurt Vonnegut was a literary writer known for his science-fiction work. If you have a teacher that's interested in the fine arts, or you're trying to impress them with your knowledge of literary genius, this candle can be a great gift to make you stand out.


Ramen sticky notes

Ramen Sticky Notes


Do you know what teachers hate the most about the rule that students can't eat in class? It's that they have to lead by example. Those tasty looking sticky notes will keep them going through to lunchtime, and they're one of the holy grails of necessary teacher stationery.


I'm a nerd crew socks

 I'm A Nerd Crew Socks


For the teacher that's geeky and proud; equip them with this comfy pair of socks that will keep their feet cosy throughout their teaching year.


I judge you when you use poor grammar book

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar


This hilarious book would make a great gift for your literary teacher, or just one of those teachers that has a real problem with grammatical errors. It features a collection of blood boiling mistakes that will keep any teacher captivated.


Magnetic Spanish poetry kit

 Magnetic Poetry Spanish


Do you have a favourite Spanish teacher, or maybe you're trying to match one of your other teachers up with your Spanish teacher? Either way, this Spanish poetry kit will help them learn the lingo, and they'll magnetically attach to any conventional whiteboard.


This meeting is bullshit socks

 Meeting Is Bullshit Women’s Socks


Students may not often hear about them, but teachers will spend a lot of time in meetings they may rather avoid. Help them fight back against these antics and arm them with a pair of socks that makes their stance known.


Rechargeable book light clip

 Rechargeable Clip Book Light Black


We're convinced teachers' possess superhero powers to be able to do what they do. But, all powers develop at different rates, and if your book-loving teacher hasn't been gifted with the power of night vision, they might appreciate this helping hand.


Set of 5 retro pens

 Retro Pens Set of 5


Pens, pens, pens. These pieces of stationery are like gold dust in a school. Teachers will borrow and swap their pens like they’re trading cards, but somehow always end up without one. Why do they need 5? So they've still got one when the other four are ‘borrowed’ by the PE teacher.


Still need some inspiration?

If these Christmas gifts for teachers aren’t quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our entire range of quirky and fun gifts, you’ll be sure to find the perfect thing. Shop Outer layer.

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