Christmas gifts on a budget

Christmas gifts on a budget

Shopping with a budget in mind this Christmas? No problem, we have over 5000 products online varying from small, cheap and cheery, to large and extravagant. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got some great gifts for you to choose from.

Christmas gifts under $20

Just because you only have $20 to spend, it doesn’t mean you can’t find them a top-tier gift. Here are some of our favourites for under $20.


Pineapple LED light

Pineapple LED Light


Pineapples are a fantastic fruit; they’re loaded with nutrients, and their extravagant shape is iconic throughout the world. Their one downfall is that they don’t naturally emit light, and no matter how trendy a desk pineapple looks, it won’t help you to see in the dark (that’s carrots). The solution? An LED light in the shape of a pineapple!


Frida keepsake box

Frida Keepsake Box


Keepsake boxes look great on desks and they’re handy for storing all manner of things such as art supplies, photographs and memorabilia. This design is inspired by Scandinavian folklore, and it’s just within your $20 budget!


Bamboo charcoal sponge

Bamboo Charcoal Sponge


A natural sponge is the perfect shower companion for just about anyone who washes. Infused with bamboo and charcoal, this helpful fella is full of antioxidants and properties to keep your skin fresh and clean. It’s eco-friendly, vegan and durable enough to last them 2-3 months of intense scrubbing.


$30 or less Christmas gifts

If you’re upping the ante and you have up to $30 to spend on a gift, then your options change from stocking-stuffer type gifts to some real contenders. Check out these 3 for some inspiration:


Dead sexy date night kit

Dead Sexy Date Night Set


This beautiful little gift set has everything they need to feel glam on the move. It contains the iconic Dead Sexy Parfum and branded Lip Tint. When they’re done with the goodies inside, the tin makes a great keepsake box.


Shoe shine kit

 Shoe Shine Kit Canvas


“You can always judge a man by his shoes” is the motto for this product, and if that’s the case, nothing says greatness like a pair of well-polished leather shoes. It’s an excellent kit for the working professional who keeps on top of his appearance, or just for someone with an innate obsession with polished shoes.


Frasier Fir tin candle

rasier Fir Poured Candle Tin


Candles make fantastic gifts no matter what the occasion. They smell great, they add some vibrancy to shelves or desks and they help us to feel cosy during the Canadian snowstorms we always seem to have. This version is Frasier Fir scented and will spread holiday cheer to whoever receives it.


Christmas presents under $40

Now we’re in the big leagues; if someone is lucky enough for you to buy them something within $40, you’ll want to buy them a gift to make it count.


Rose gold gem flask

Rose Gold Round Gem Flask


This extra fancy flask is perfect for the feminine drinker. Its gem-like facets make it a real conversation starter – when she pulls this one from her purse all her friends are going to want a sip!


Stack the bones game

Stack The Bones Game


Everyone has heard of Jenga, the game that challenges you to remove and re-stack blocks until some poor player knocks them over and is branded the loser. This variant has a spooky skeleton theme, and it’s made from eco-friendly Paulownia wood.


Game of Thrones Tarot Cards

Game Of Thrones Tarot Cards


Pretty much everyone knows someone who loves Game of Thrones, meaning this gift is going to attract the attention of just about anyone who sees it. Featuring 78 beautifully rendered Tarot cards, gift them the power of foresight and let them unlock their own destiny.


Christmas gift inspiration for every budget

Even if you have a budget of $10, we have many unique and fun gifts for you to draw inspiration from. Buying a Christmas gift isn’t about how much you spend, but how personal or thoughtful the gift is. Do you have some budget left over or are you curious as to what else we stock? Shop our online gifts in Canada.

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