Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Do you have a cat-obsessed friend? Let's be honest; everybody does. Luckily for you, buying a Christmas gift for a cat lover is easy business. There are so many feline-inspired gifts around that finding one suited to them shouldn't be a challenge. We've pulled together our favourite cat-themed gifts to give you a taste of what you could be wrapping up for that friend of yours.

Cat Necklace Brushed

 Cat Necklace Brushed


What screams cat lover more than someone wearing a 40cm sterling silver cat necklace proudly around their neck? Nothing, that's what. Just make sure to warn your friend before they wear it to their weekly cat lovers anonymous meeting, it's sure to attract the attention of a bunch of copycats. If you want to double down on your present, then check out the next cat-inspired gift for a great gift-duo.

Cat jewelry stand

 Cat Jewelry Stand


Even if they don't have an extensive collection of cat-related jewelry, this feline shrine would even look great with, dare we say it, dog accessories attached. This jewelry stand can hold necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even those pesky earring backs. It's a great addition to any cat-lover's home. 


Sweetie Cat Planter Pot

 Sweetie Cat Planter Pot


Cats and plants. Can homeware get any better than this? Your feline fanatic friend sure won't think so. Plant your favourite greenery in this ceramic kitty-pot and grow them a hairdo. This pot comes without a plant, allowing them to style this kitty's hair in any way they see fit.


Calvin Cat Critter Mitt

 Calvin Cat Critter Mitt


Unfortunately, it's not safe to use real cats as oven mitts. But, someone has come up with the next best solution. Protect your paws with this cat oven mitt and replace that boring old plain one of theirs. If your cat-loving friend is a bit of a kitchen kitty, then the below apron is sure to tickle their whiskers too.


Apron Cats Meow Betty

 Apron Cats Meow Betty


Help them to cook in style with this beautiful pink apron featuring fun feminine prints and chic detailing. They'll love it, their cats will love it, and you'll know you've made the right choice when you spot them out grocery shopping still wearing it. Who said aprons are only for home use?


The best cat book ever

 Best Cat Book Ever


It's a simple equation, really. If they're a cat lover, it's nigh impossible that they wouldn't enjoy the BEST cat book ever. This hardcover classic has cemented its position as one of the must-read books of the 21st century. Gift them this novel and let them embark on a divine tale of cats.


Cranky cat holiday card

 Cranky Cat Holiday Card


It wouldn't be Christmas without the sending and receiving of hilarious cards, would it? In-keeping with the tradition of funny Christmas cards, this grumpy feline is one of our favourite for cat lovers. It sums up everything a pet cat should be. Oh, and just because cats care about global warming too, this card is packaged in a biodegradable sleeve. Meow to that.


Cats! socks

 Cats! Socks


We're yet to find a product that transforms human feet into feline paws, but here's the intermediary solution. A pair of fantastically outrageous socks featuring no less than 80 cats throughout the design. These badass socks have been crafted from high-quality combed cotton, meaning that they're great for long-term use and resisting the unwarranted attention of actual cats.


Cats Small Journal

 Cats Small Journal


Journals are pretty great. They're useful for work, as planners, for personal diaries, those sketches you're too embarrassed to show anyone else, and the shopping lists you always forget to bring along. Now, imagine the same useful journal with a cat design printed all over. Sounds purrfect right?


People I Love: cats

 People I Love Cats Shopper


For the true cat lover who simply needs everyone to know of their feline preference no matter where they go. This tote bag is handy for shopping, general knick-knacks, and attracting others who are dedicated to the life of cat-loving.  


Cat bonnet

 Cat Bonnet


Behind the tightly sealed doors of every cat lover's home, you'll find secret catwalks taking place. These kitten inspired fashion events are attended by only the most elite of the catworld. Here we have a bonnet from the 2019 paws Winter collection. Grab a piece of fashion history and upgrade their cats' style.


Cat tarot

 Cat Tarot


There's a reason that the Egyptians worshipped cats. They believed that they possess godly traits and powers beyond the realms of earth. Someone has harnessed this magic and infused it with otherwise ordinary tarot cards. The result? A set of 78 tarot cards that can answer your most profound questions, featuring some extraordinary cats. 


More Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Just because they're a cat lover, it doesn’t mean that all of their Christmas gifts need to be cat-themed. If you’re thinking about picking them up something that hasn’t been inspired by the feline powers that be, check out our whole range of Christmas gifts.

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