Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

Rally up your eco-warrior friends and impress them with one of our natural gifts. Everything in this collection can help towards reducing our plastic use, or it has been created from entirely natural ingredients. Help save the world one gift at a time.

Beeswax food wrap - Variety size pack of 3



Beeswax food wraps are the perfect eco-alternative to food wrappings such as saran wrap or tin foil. They allow food to breathe, keep it fresh, and it can be reused time and time again by washing them. They’ll last one year or longer, and this package includes 3 size varieties for different portions.


Natural bamboo straws set of 8 & cleaning brush



Plastic straws are a big no-no for eco-warriors, and it’s great to see them slowly phased out of popular culture. These bamboo straws will last much longer than paper alternatives, and they come with a cleaning brush to make reusing them easy. Just keep them away from pandas!


Teakwood water bottle 500ml



Reusable water bottles are useful for work, at home, at the gym and when travelling. They’re much more friendly than plastic cups, and they’ll keep hot and cold drinks fresher for longer. If they haven’t already got a nice reusable bottle, this one will make a great gift.


Shop local produce bags set of 3



Everyone has seen the images of plastic bags roaming the seas and polluting wildlife. It’s not always easy to remember your bags, but if you’ve got a good-looking set you like to show off, it can be the difference between bringing them to the grocery store and forgetting. This set includes 3 variants to cater to shops of all sizes.


Travel straw set



You’ve heard of travel toothbrushes, cosmetics and pillows, but now feast your eyes on the travel straw. Come across a restaurant that’s still using plastic straws? Don’t let them get away with it and use your fancy stainless steel travel straw complete with a carry case and cleaning brush instead.


Long handle string bag natural

 Long Handle String Bag Natural


This deceiving string bag can hold more delicious groceries than you think. It’s made of natural cotton, only using eco-friendly lead-free dye. It can hold up to 40lbs or 18kg depending on how you measure, and it’s great for shopping, travelling or even visiting the beach. Extra-long handles, making it perfect for the extra-long eco-warrior.


Mini maxi shopper with green spots

 Mini Maxi Shopper Green Spots


This tote shopping bag is for the eco-warrior who wants to be seen saving the environment. A mini maxi shopper is equivalent to using 1000 plastic bags, but only if they remember to bring it! It can hold up to 15 litres of volume, easily machine washed and it's created from premium-quality polyester (it won't split on you).


Box of 144 Red and white paper straws



This box of 144 red and white paper straws will keep your eco-warrior friend of yours stocked up for many moons to come. We're not sure how often eco-warriors use straws, but if they're gifted these, we know they won't be running out for a long time. What's the point in buying them 10 paper straws when they'll be needing many more for the future!?


Unscented natural bar soap



This unscented natural bar of soap is made from unscented and natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. You'll find no added colours, herbs or essential oils here! It's a perfect gift for anyone with extremely sensitive skin, or a very sensitive eco-warrior.


Need more eco-friendly gift inspiration?

If you’re going all-out on the eco-friendly gifts this year or you need some more ideas, check out our eco-friendly gifts range for more variants and more cool products that are doing their part for the planet.

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