Christmas gifts for dog lovers

Christmas gifts for dog lovers

Dogs are one of the few animals that can detect the presence of Santa Claus, and it’s been rumoured that Rudolph is actually an extremely rare breed of dog found only in the elven caves of the north pole. Here are our best gifts for the dog lovers in your life.

Collapsible dog bowl

 Collapsible dog bowl

A collapsible dog bowl is the pooch accessory they didn’t know they needed. It’s perfect for travel, holds up to 12oz when fully expanded, and it leaves more room in the car for their doggo friends.


Winer dogs drink markers

 Winer Dogs Drink Markers


This pack of winer dog drink markers come in 6 colours, meaning at least 5 of your friends can have their own pet pal while they enjoy a glass and reminisce over their favourite puppy memories.


People to meet dogs zip pouch

 People To Meet Dogs Zipper Pouch


Not only is this dog zip pouch handy for storing bits and bobs, it’s made of 95% post-consumer recycled materials. If your friend loves dogs more than most people, this is for them.


Dog butt magnets

 Dog Butt Magnets


Do you know what every dog lover needs for Christmas? Puppy butts stuck all over their magnetic surfaces. Nothing is more magnetic than a doggy butt, and they’ll enhance any postcard, shopping list or note you partner them with.


Heritage dog day mug

 Dog Days Heritage Mug


The perfect companion for a hot brew is a mug full of friendly dog faces. This camping-style mug is made of stoneware, and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s not yet dog-proof, but we’re working on that.


Women's Corgi butt crew socks

 Women's Corgi Butt Crew Socks Blue


Look at those cute Corgi butts! Even if someone doesn’t like dogs, they’ll love these socks. The Queen of England owns several Corgis of her own, so these royal butts won’t ever go out of fashion.


I talk to my dog gum

 I Talk To My Dog Gum


Everyone does it. But only the most dedicated of dog lovers chew gum proclaiming that they talk to dogs. Just warn them about talking to their dog while chewing their 'I talk to my dog' gum – their poor pooch could end up with sticky fur.


Black Labrador dog ornament

 Labrador Black Dog Ornament


What better for a Christmas tree decoration than this happy little fella? He’ll safeguard their gifts year after year and barely requires any feeding.


Dogs! crew socks

 Dogs! Crew Socks


Cat lovers are spoiled with options when it comes to feline clothing and accessories. This is a special pair for the dog lovers who want to help fight back the kitty craze and draw attention to the true champions of pets, dogs.


Dog days tea towel

 Dog Days Tea Towel


What's one of the worst chores a dog lover has to complete? Drying the dishes. That's because they're very careful handling their doggy kitchenware, meaning they can't give their real poochy friend attention while doing so. The solution? Give them a tea towel that features some more doggo friends.


Need to bark up another tree?

If you’ve got a whole Christmas gift list that needs checking off but they’re not all dog-lovers, be sure to check out the other unique gifts we sell online.

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