Toronto souvenirs and gift shop, The Outer Layer collection

Toronto souvenirs and gift shop, The Outer Layer collection

As winners of the NOW Magazine best unique gift shop category, you can bet that our range of Canadian souvenirs is full of quirky surprises. We’re not impressed by small plastic models of the CN Tower, so we’ve chosen products that capture the city’s personality and going-ons.

Toronto themed socks VS the Toronto weather

If you visited Toronto between October and March, you were probably greeted with a frosty reception. Temperatures can drop to into the -20s°, which to an unsuspecting foot can be pretty shocking. Toronto gives and Toronto takes, so although the weather may be up against you, these themed socks are ready to protect and serve. It’s just you and your raccoon toes against the world. Need more funny socks to brighten up your life?


Toronto Raccoon Socks
CBC Standby Socks
Toronto Streetcar Socks


Toronto souvenirs that capture your memories  

Perhaps your most significant memory of Toronto is being greeted by a friendly raccoon in a Canadian snowstorm, or maybe you’ve made a visit to the local curling club and discovered you were a natural pro. Even if your experience with Don Valley traffic made up a good proportion of your visit, our themed gifts will give you a reason to laugh about it.


Toronto Lines Canvas Tote Bag
Don Valley Parking Lot Air Freshener
Curling Rock Mug


Greeting cards from Toronto, because you want them to know you’re here

Not only do our Toronto themed greeting cards deliver well wishes, feature comical messages and beautiful designs, but they make it clear that you’re in Toronto (who wouldn’t brag about that?).


Someone In Toronto Misses You Card by Sapling Press
Toronto Streetcar Card by Wendy Tancock
Toronto City Hall Card by Wendy Tancock


Maple syrup candles, the perfect Toronto souvenir

So just how Canadian is maple syrup? Well, Canada has the perfect climate to make those maple trees ooze with rich sap. The art of syrup creation dates back to indigenous peoples, and Canada has long held its place as the maple syrup capital of the world (around 85% is made here!). The best thing about maple syrup? It can be added to most things, including these candles.


Votive Maple Syrup Candle
Maple Syrup Tin Candle Wood Wick
Votive Maple Syrup Candle Wood Wick

Coffee mugs - the gift of Toronto at home

Taking a break from the Toronto locale to enjoy a hot drink is an experience in itself.  You can find indulgent hot chocolates, artisan coffee creations or a simple cup of Tim Horton’s. If you’re planning on re-creating your favourite Toronto drink at home, you’re going to need an authentic mug.


Toronto Streetcar Mug by Wendy Tancock
Toronto Cityscape Mug by Julia Gash
Toronto Retro Mug by Main & Local


Toronto souvenirs and gifts for Christmas

Christmas in Toronto is like no other. At night, the city skyline sparkles while locals indulge in seasonal activities below. We love nothing more than providing you with the last ornament to finish your Christmas tree or even that special mug you’ll only be using for mulled wine. Our collection of unique gifts are a great source of present inspiration; we’ve got everything you didn’t know they needed.


Maple Syrup Bottle Ornament
Canada Canoe and Tree Holiday Mug
Toronto Raccoon and Trash Holiday Mug

Souvenirs for the Canadian blues

Of all of the numerous Canadian attractions, whether that's the throwback of Black Creek Village, the beauty of Justin Trudeau or the menacing cuteness of raccoons, everyone has a different favourite. Try these products out for anyone who visited Canada, guaranteed to remind them what they loved about our great country. Looking for more unique Canadian gifts?


My Canadian Boyfriend by Random House
Good Night Toronto by Adam Gamble & Mark Jasper
How To Move To Canada by Andre Du Broc


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